Although electronic devices like an iPad may be a quick solution to calm your little one down, however, there are parents who dislike the idea of exposing them to technology at such an early age. Instead, parents should purchase baby accessories in Singapore that will keep them entertained throughout the day. Read below to learn more about the products.


Types of baby accessories

When you are too busy to entertain your little one in the baby crib, an alternative would be to purchase baby accessories to keep him/her occupied. Listed below are the different types of baby accessories.

Toy tent

When searching for a toy tent to purchase, you might come across a range of designs, colours, sizes, and styles. Toy tents offer lots of creative fun for your child while also expanding their gross motor skills. Make sure to take into consideration the age of your child as well the placement of the tent before making your final purchase decision. All in all, toy tents are a great way to allow your child’s imagination run wild at the same time help develop themselves physically.

Baby doll

Baby dolls are not only ideal toys for baby girls; it is suitable for boys as well. If you notice your child imitating your actions, you may use a baby doll to enhance this learning skill. This is because; it activates their mirror neurons in their brains. Moreover, the toy may be used as an aid that allows your child to practice these skills on something before they can apply it to themselves. There are many different actions that your child can learn to do with a baby doll such as feeding, changing clothes, grooming and hygiene and so much more.

Plush toys

The most common type of toys for babies and most likely the first toys they can get a grasp of are plushies. These cuddly, adorable friends are much more than a toy to a child, as it can be a companion whenever they feel vulnerable, in particularly when they are in an unfamiliar place. It also helps your child fall asleep easier as it acts as a transitional object. Furthermore, the toys are safe for them where they can tug, chew or even throw them around.

Musical toys

There are all sorts of musical toys ranging from rattles to drums. One thing that most parents would agree is that most children are not patient, as it is pretty logical that they might not know the value of it at such a young age. So, playing with musical toys might teach them a thing or two about being more patient as they grow up. Musical toys also provide continuous learning, because who knows, your child may turn out to be a musician in the future.


Safety is every parent’s main priority when it comes to purchasing anything for their precious ones. Playmat, also known as activity mat are great for a child’s development play as well as leisure time. There are many types of playmat, but they are usually classified into fabric mats, puzzle mats, soft mats, and space folder mats. All these mats would look attractive on the living or play room floor, while some of them come with educational aspects.

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