Being first-time parents can be a stress-inducing experience as there are many things you have to prepare for the anticipation of your newborn. To ensure your newborn gets an adequate amount of sleep, you should consider getting a baby bouncer in Singapore. Find the best baby bouncer in Singapore:


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Choosing the right Baby Bouncer in Singapore

This piece of baby equipment is a versatile, relatively inexpensive item that your newborn can use from the day they enter the world. It is especially useful in the first few months of taking care of your baby as it safe place to lay down your little one while you carry on your daily routines. Plus what is more endearing than looking at your baby bouncing back and forth in the baby bouncer. There are so many in the market nowadays that picking the right baby bouncer could be a bit of a headache because what all parents want is the best for their child. Here is a guide on what to look out for before you make the purchase.


Your baby would preferably enjoy baby bouncers in Singapore if he/she finds it comfortable. A baby’s skin is very delicate; therefore it is advisable for the seats to have extra padding to make sure the baby is comfortable to avoid chafing. Furthermore, the seats should be easily cleaned as babies may make a mess with a leaking diaper. Depending on which style of bouncers you choose, there are covers that can be simply machined washed while others are made of waterproof material that can be easily cleaned.


It is recommended to choose a baby bouncer with a wider base. This is because, the wider the base, the better the support. Plus, it would be harder to knock it over. On the other hand, do observe whether the frame of the bouncer sticks out too far because it will become an annoying trip hazard. Choose metal frames over plastic frames at all time because not only it is much sturdier but it also ensures that the baby bouncer lasts longer.


To keep your little one entertained while bouncing, the newer bouncers come with additional features such as a toy bar. You can keep your baby happy for hours as they get to play with the toy bar. Other than that, certain bouncers have built in sound machine that mainly plays soothing music that can make any baby drift into dream land. It would be only ideal to choose the right theme of the chair according to the gender of the baby as it will enhance the baby’s enjoyment.

Safety Features

When it comes to buying a new baby bouncer, parents would put safety as their top priority. This is particularly important for the bouncer with moving seats. Moreover, it should also have a three-point harness should adjust to hold the baby securely and comfortably. To prevent the baby from sliding around in their seat, it is ideal to choose those with grips on the seat.

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