It is never too young for your baby to enjoy a little physical activity with baby jumpers in Singapore. Read below to learn about everything you need to know about the device.

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Everything you need to know about baby jumpers

Every parent will do their best to make sure their babies develop their minds and bodies as they grow. Babies love the feeling of moving their bodies and nothing beats the sound of a baby's laughter as they bounce up and down on a baby jumper. However, choosing what's best for your child is determined by many factors. Learn everything you need to know about baby jumpers below.

Purpose of a baby jumper

There is not much a baby can do other than wriggle or crawl around. However, with the help of a baby jumper, your baby is able to develop his/her leg muscles while happily bouncing on the contraption. Baby jumpers come in various forms but are typically a seat attached to an elastic strap where your baby sits in the seat while pushing their tiny toes off the ground. It is a fun activity that can keep your baby delighted from the bouncy motions. Another reason that most parents choose to use this device is to allow their baby to sleep better at night. This is because; it is an ideal solution to get rid of his/her excess energy.

The baby is old enough to use the jumper when he/she is able to lift the head up without any assistance. However, parents should also consider the minimum age weight or height limit that are set by the manufacturer

Leg development

Many experts suggest only 20 minutes of baby jumper use per day as it might delay the development of a baby's leg muscles and cause a delay in walking. On the other hand, there are parents who strongly recommends it as their baby learned to walk independently after using the jumper. All in all, the decision on whether to use it depends what you think is best for your little one.

Types of baby jumpers

There are mainly three types of baby jumpers which are the stationary jumper, stationary activity jumper and doorway jumper. The stationary jumper is basically a seat with an elastic cord, attached to a frame. Other than bouncing, there are no added toys to keep your baby entertained. The stationary activity jumper on the other hand has a tray filled with various toys which will keep the baby entertained after he/she feels tired from bouncing. The toys will vary depending on the jumper you purchase. Lastly, the doorway jumper or door jumper is made up of a set that is suspended from straps that are attached to a bungee-like cord. The elastic cord is then clamped to a door frame.


A few safety precautions should be taken when your baby is using the device. Always keep the floor clear of any sharp objects that your baby can potentially jump on. Moreover, avoid using the jumper around dangerous areas of the house such as stairs, pools, kitchen, etc. Also, do not attach toys with strings to jumpers as it poses as a strangulation hazard. Lastly, always keep an eye on your baby while he/she uses the device.

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