Booster seats provides your child with a comfortable and safe seating. There are several things you need to know before buying a car one for your child. Keep reading here to find out how to choose the proper child booster seat.

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How to Choose the Right Booster Seat for Your Child in Singapore

If you have a small child or an infant, you need to get yourself a booster seat. These child car seats will ensure the safety and comfort of your children during car rides. In a nutshell, these seats help your car’s seat belts to fit properly on a child who’s too big for a forward-facing seat with a harness. Booster seats are elevated, hence why they’re called boosters, your child up so the seatbelts can fit.

The first thing you need to do before getting a booster seat is confirming the weight and height of your child. Normally, only children over 40 lbs or 18 kgs are allowed to use a booster seat. Second, check the built-in seatbelts in your car and make sure they have a lap and shoulder strap. Lastly, disable any airbags if you’re planning to get a rear-facing booster seat.

Types of booster seats

There are three main types of child booster seat you can choose from. Prior to installing these seats, always read the manufacturer’s guide and check the seat’s weight limit.

  1. Backless. These booster seats don’t have any backrest so your child will sit right up against the back of your car’s seats. When using a backless booster seat, the headrests must go above your child’s ears. Only use this type of booster seat if your car has an adequate head and back support.
  2. High Back. Just like the name says, these booster seats provide backrest with head and neck support. Most high back booster seats allow you to adjust the headrest to protect your child from whiplash. If your child loves to nap in the car, get a high back booster seat because your child can rest their heads on the head support.
  3. Combination. A combination booster seats incorporate features from a traditional car seat like the three-point harness. This type of booster seats lets your child use the same seat throughout her infancy and childhood. You don’t need to install extra headrest or back support with the combination booster seat because there’s already a built-in support akin to those found in traditional car seats. The combination booster seat is attached to the car seat by securing it with the seatbelt.

What to avoid

When getting a new booster seat, avoid shield booster seats, recalled seats, and secondhand seats. The shield portion of a shield seat can cause injury during a car crash and if you can take off the shield, do so and you’ll get a backless booster seat. Next, Research the brand and model of the seat to make sure It’s not recently recalled as it can jeopardize your child’s safety. Finally, don’t buy seats from a garage sale or a second-hand seller. They might not be up to par and don’t have the same quality as a new booster seat.

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