Adjusting to motherhood is hard, especially for those who led an active lifestyle before the pregnancy. Why not combine that lifestyle while taking your baby out for some fresh air? Joggers in Singapore can make that a possibility. Read more here.

Baby Jogger

What are Jogger Strollers?

Have you ever watched a movie where mothers are casually jogging around the park while pushing their children in a stroller? It’s not just some Hollywood interpretation of motherhood, a lot of mothers do in fact go for a run while pushing their babies around. They usually do that in order to give their children some outdoor time, get some exercise, and sometimes, to cut the cost of hiring a sitter. Those mothers are not using just any typical of strollers. There are special jogger strollers specifically designed to keep the children safe inside and easy to push around.

What makes joggers different

Because of the amount of movement, it will encounter, a jogging stroller must be more than any other baby strollers. They have different functions that most strollers don’t have to get you moving and keep your baby safe. These are some of the extra features baby joggers have.

  • Great suspension system with brakes perfect for uneven terrains.
  • Safety tether so you can always keep your jogging stroller close to you.
  • Fixed front wheel that doesn’t turn or swivel to keep your jogging stroller balanced.
  • Air-filled rubber tires similar to tires on bicycles will ensure a smoother ride.
  • Folding mechanism so your joggers can easily be stored anywhere.
  • Cup holders to hold your water bottles and your baby’s milk.

Factors to consider when buying joggers in Singapore

  • Wheels – Most baby joggers have 3 wheels instead of the usual 4 and the one front wheel is fixed, meaning that it won’t turn or swivel. This will prevent uncontrollable vibrations that would be uncomfortable for the baby. It also helps keep the jogger from tipping over. Most joggers even have wheels that you can take on and off, so you can replace punctured wheels.
  • Durability – Joggers are usually manufactured using aluminum frames. They might cost more than the regular stroller, but they’re super lightweight and sturdier than steel frames.
  • Suspension – A great suspension system is crucial especially if you jog on an uneven terrain. Some jogging strollers have adjustable suspension depending on the type of terrain you’re going to run on.
  • Grip – To get the baby joggers moving, just like any other strollers, of course, you have to push it around. It would help greatly if the jogger handles allow for a sturdy grip with an adjustable feature to suit the parents’ heights.
  • Safety – You don’t want your baby moving about when you’re running fast through the jogging track. Joggers usually come with sturdy five-point seatbelts with waist, crotch, and shoulder straps and comfortable seats.
  • Budget – At the end of the day, when buying a jogging stroller price is as important. You don’t want to compromise the safety of your child by getting the cheaper jogger. Invest in a stroller that is made with the best quality and the right certifications, like the safety certification by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) or American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Who knows, maybe with the joggers, you can introduce a healthy lifestyle to your children early on. iPrice has discounts and great deals for joggers in Singapore from brands like Santa Barbara, Aldo, Babycare, and SeeBaby. Not so much of a fitness conscious mom? Check out other types of strollers like tandems, prams, double, and triple strollers.