Travelling with your little one may be a hassle as they require lots of rest and it would be difficult to carry them with all the luggage. The best solution is to utilise baby travel beds in Singapore. Click here to read on the guide on choosing the best baby travel beds.

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A guide on choosing baby travel beds

A travel bed for your baby is an essential purchase whether it is a weekend away with the in-laws or holidaying together as a family. It is especially beneficial to your baby as it gives him/her a familiar and secure place to sleep in particularly if they are away from home. Also, it is useful during afternoon naps downstairs. To decide which is the right one for your baby, here is a guide on choosing baby travel beds.

Aspects to look out for

The most important feature to consider is the weight of the travel beds as well as its sturdiness. It will be troublesome to have a heavier or bulkier bed if you choose to travel by car. However, it is suitable to be used on a public transport. A lighter, more portable model will be great to be used at outdoor activities such as camping trips.

Other than that, the travel beds should be assembled easily where it unfolds and clicked into place. If it trickier to put together, there would not be a proper place for your baby to sleep. Always be sure to read reviews from existing users when you purchase the bed online. Make sure to give the new travel bed a trial run at home before going for a trip, otherwise it could be a struggle to set it up when you arrive at your destination and need to get your exhausted baby to bed.

Another important feature to take note off is the size. Your baby will definitely outgrow the smaller beds, so you definitely have to purchase a bigger one to tide you over. You would also want to consider whether the eiderdown is similar to your baby’s usual bedding. If not, it is necessary for you to budget when it comes to buying new sheets.

Other features to look for

To ensure your baby gets a good night's sleep, you would want him/her to be as comfortable as possible. If the travel bed's mattress is too thin, it might not be comfortable enough and your baby will find it hard to sleep. A great option would be bring along a self-inflating mattress that would be a great replacement for the thin mattress as it tends to be thick when in use, but can be completely compact when it is folded down.

Additionally, check out the materials used to make the travel beds for the purpose of having it cleaned between uses. Generally, most of the mattresses would have a wipe-clean, waterproof cover that is not removable. On the other hand, some comes with a softer machine-washable cotton cover.

Occasionally, baby travel beds do come with unique features such as a music player, changing tray or even a night light. However, none of these are that necessary as you are able to find portable travel equivalents of these items.

Check out other safety travel essentials for your child such as baby harnesses with adjustable straps, car seats and so on.

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