There are many brands out there that claim to use organic ingredients on their products but none can be more authentic than Badger Malaysia. Badger is a family-owned, and family-friendly company that provides you with organic options from different beauty products, skin care, gift items, and so much more! Check out our selection of Badger products in Singapore or read more about the brand.

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Make Healthier Choices with Badger Singapore

Blending the finest organic plant extracts, essential oils, beeswax, and minerals, Badger Singapore has created their own line of products that encourages natural healing from within. Harnessing the powers of nature, Badger incorporates honesty, respect, and integrity within the brand philosophy, making sure that each of their products are safe and effective for personal use. For the past 21 years, Badger has maintained their status as a well-loved brand by health-conscious individuals around the globe.

Badger Singapore - the Story

Badger or otherwise known as Badger Balm is a unique brand that produces mainly health and beauty products from natural means. It was first established by contractor Bill Whyte in 1995 after mixing his own concoction of bees wax and olive oil to cure his chapped winter hands. He experimented with the formula and made small batches to give out to his carpenter friends to test out. He initially called the product “Bear Paw” because of how potent the formula is that “it could soothe a bear’s rough paw”. To his surprise, his friends loved the product so much that he started a business with only $500 to his pocket. Without any business plans nor product packaging, he started manufacturing Bear Paw from his home. Today, Badger Balm has maintained their status as a family-friendly brand that provides healthy options for the community. Now with 60 employees and 100 products to their name, Badger takes you to the next level of holistic healing using all-natural products.

The Badger Logo

When founder Bill Whyte first created his “Bear Paw” formula made from beeswax and olive oil, he thought of how potent the formula is. It was a great name that best represented his ideals for the company, however when he checked the trade mark registry, the name “Bear Paw” has already been taken. Bill went back to the drawing board and brainstormed of a new name that would make a difference. He thought of names such as “bear claw, bear ear, bear fur, bear snout, black bear, red bear, golden bear, papa bear, bear cub?”, but then he stumbled on the name “badger paw”; he reached an epiphany. Being a totem of healing, the badger was considered as the Root Gatherer and a resilient animal, and was the perfect mascot for his brand.

What makes Badger different

The Badger Mission

The badger mission is to provide safe and effective products from the finest quality natural ingredients based on simplicity and thought preparation. The brand desires to heal, protect, and soothe the soul with their extensive array of products made from naturally-derived ingredients. As a business, Badger aims to be a fair and profitable brand that prioritizes health and wellness, and seeing money as a fuel instead of a drive.

Certified Top Quality Brand

Since 2011, Badger has been a certified B Corporation among with other 116 corporations in various industries that earned 10% more environmental score than others. Badger achieved 58 points above the minimum score needed for the certification. Aside from that, the brand is also the first in New Hampshire to become a Benefit Corporation which means all ingredients are sourced from small-scale suppliers around the world, and sustaining sustainable water practices and conservations throughout the manufacturing process. Moreover, the brand is certified cruelty-free and made in the United States. Badger has also won several awards that recognizes their business as one of the best in health, beauty, and wellness.

Unique and Natural Ingredients

What makes Badger Singapore so unique is their natural take on manufacturing, providing you with only organic options for your needs. Using only ingredients that fit the standards for healthy agriculture, minimal processing, and a sustainable supply chain, Badger takes into consideration the benefits of an all-natural product and its benefits. When you choose Badger, you are choosing a healthier option for your body and for the environment

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Encouraging a better lifestyle for everyone, Badger Singapore is dedicated to providing you with an extensive array of products. From head to toe, you can be one one with nature and help maintain a sustainable balance between industry and ecology. Badger has a wide selection of items to choose from such as Badger skin care, Badger makeup, Badger Bath and Body, and so much more!