Multifunctional and suitable for both men and women, satchel bags will allow you to match with any style. Check out the satchel bag evolution at iprice here.


Satchel Bags Singapore: Buy Satchel Bags online easily

Satchel Bags Singapore: Multifunctional Satchel Bags for men and women

A structured handbag with double handles, locking hardware and a wide, flat bottom, satchel bags are the safest bag choice for both men and women. Depends on your usage, satchel bags can be large or small.

The Cambridge Satchel is one of the most popular design that features a pouch with a front flap. They are usually used for carrying books and heavy things (students love them!). The back of a satchel outspreads to form a lap that folds over to cover the top and fastens in the front (easy openings with no complicated zips).

Satchel bags are typically organized packs with an unbending structure so it will stand up all alone. Most satchel bags have a short handle that can also be carried by the hand. They also have a strap, so they can be worn over the shoulder as well.

Satchel Bags Singapore: Carry your Satchel stylishly

There are many satchel bags to match every style. Here are a few reputed brands that we love Michael Kors Satchel, 3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel, Coach Satchel and Kate Spade Satchel.

Choose a satchel bag that fits for the occasion, it is important to choose a bag that makes you more glamorous. Pick one that is contrasting to your outfit colour to have a stronger presence!

A well-picked satchel bag always can make or break a look so choose wisely to create impressive looks. Bring your satchel bag diagonally across your body so it will hang-over your hip at one side and make you look even more stylish.

Satchel bags are multi-functional, with an adjustable strap for easy carrying. You can carry it over either the shoulder or cross-body. In addition, it is ideal for everyday use like going to work, out for shopping or attending parties. The most common features you can find in satchel bags are zippers, button, sling with button and the eye-catching metallic charms and studs. Satchel is known to have a wide space and pockets to fill in all your stuff.

Satchel Bags Singapore: Care for your satchels to make it last longer

You must keep care for your satchel bags to make them last longer. Here are a few handy tips.

When putting some pens, cosmetics or any liquids into your satchel, make sure to put them in a separate pouch, so it will not spill on your bag lining.

  • If not in use, stored your satchels properly, do not just leave it anywhere. Wrap it with the cotton pillowcase, putting them into plastic bags is not advisable as the plastic bags might melt and stick onto the surfaces of your bags if the environment is too warm or humid.
  • Place your bag gently and make sure the place is clean (avoid sharp objects). Do not toss your bag in any corner “please handle your bags with care”. They are precious too!
  • Don’t forget to clean your bags on a weekly basis (or monthly if you’re too busy) with a soft cotton cloth and if you have a leather moisturizer, wipe your bag with it regularly to prevent cracks and colour fading and keep your bags away from sunlight.
  • You are also advised to use your bags alternately, use one at most twice a week, so you definitely need at least four bags for a week.

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