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Top Luggage Price List 2019

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Why you Should Always have a Luggage Bag at Hand

Russian historian and novelist, Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said, “Let your memory be your travel bag”. For when your memory needs an assist with your belongings, your new luggage bag is clicks (and a few scrolls of the mouse) away. There’s no denying the importance of reliable, sturdy, and safe luggage bags. Whether you’re a backpacker, jet-setter, nomad, pilot, stewardess or have simply caught the wanderlust bug – these travel companions are geared up for your next adventure.

Luggage is Easy to Transport

While the term "travel bag" encompasses a wide range of bags with large compartments, luggage bags are more suited for travels. Because of its large interior, luggage bags make a great bag wherever you may go. Among the best thing about having a luggage bag at hand is that it is easier to transport compared to carrying them in your bag or with your hands. Luggage, on the other hand, have wheels that can help you move your travel bag around conveniently. Luggages have two most common types of wheels:

  • Spinner Wheels - These are the type of wheels that spin around in a 360-degree angle, giving it a wide range of mobility. You can pull, scoot along, or push it behind and it would conveniently roll wherever you go.
  • In-line Skate Wheels - These are the type of wheels that do not have a 360-degree motion and is stationary. Made from polyurethane and other hard plastics, this type of wheel at the back of the bag or on the side so that you can heave it easily.

Luggages have Large Compartments

Having a luggage bag handy is great, especially if you love to travel with baggage. Compared to a backpack or even a duffel bag, luggages have larger compartments that allow you to store your travel essentials. Having one handy is convenient for any trip and can help you carry everything you need.

If you are worried that you might have to pay for extra baggage, there are luggage that can fit in the overhead cabin. Luggage bags that are 21 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches in volume should be able to fit in perfectly. That way, you can carry your travel essentials without extra cost for excess baggage at the check-in counter.

Keeps your Things Safe

Aside from having large compartments, luggage bags are also a way for you to protect your items while travelling. There are luggages with a hard plastic exterior that protects it from bending or breaking. There are also luggages that come with TSA locks which is an additional safety measure. If you want to travel with your items safely, a luggage would surely help relieve your anxiety.

Your Next Adventure Starts Now

Luggages are great bags that everyone should have in their closet. Whether for impromptu travel plans, casual stay overs or for big vacations, they are convenient bags that allow you to carry your essentials. Start your adventure by checking out the best luggage brands in Singapore and book adventurous tours with KKday promo codes!

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