Aside from smartphones, wallets are the one thing that we religiously carry anywhere we go. Aside from that, it’s also a great item that reflects your sense of style, so check out the hottest wallets in Singapore from the biggest brands online! Read more about the many types of wallets below.

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News about Wallets

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28 September 2017

The term "Quality over quantity" can be applied to many things in life. Your materialistic possessions such as luxury travel bags could be one of them too!

The term "Quality over quantity" can be applied to many things in life. Your materialistic possessions such as luxury travel bags could be one of them too!

Different Types of Wallets in Singapore

Used to carry cash, IDs, and coins, wallets are the one thing - next to smartphones, that we carry everywhere. It keeps your cash organized along with your cards, and IDs. From simple coin purses to passport-sized wallets, the idea of wallets is constantly changing. As money, cards and so on were introduced, wallets also evolved into what it is today.

When choosing a wallet in Singapore, the first thing that you should know about are its different types. Throughout the years, wallets have greatly evolved and can vary in size, shape, design and even purpose, depending on the type of wallet that you want.

Bi-fold Wallets

This is the most commonly used wallet, especially for men as it offers just what a guy would need: enough space for cash, IDs and a few more business cards. Bi-fold wallets mean those that fold only once which allows instant access to money and such and still keeping the size thin for safety. Because of its small size, bi-fold wallets are also easy to carry in your pocket, however, there are rectangular bi-fold wallets that also functions as a small purse.

Trifold Wallets

Tri-fold wallets have a similar courier function as a bi-fold wallet, except it can fold up to three times instead of two. The cards, however, are kept vertically in a tri-fold wallet. This design will give more space for your belongings but it can become quite bulky in your pocket. Since it is folded thrice, it can be a little bit too thick and bulky. Like bi-folds, tri-fold wallets can also be rectangular in shape.

Checkbook Wallets

For those who use checks frequently, a checkbook wallet is a must. As the name suggests, this special wallet can hold checks and cash at the same time. To accommodate checks, checkbook wallets are rectangular in shape which also keeps your cash from being folded twice or thrice.

Money Clip Wallets

Simple and elegant, a money clip wallet is probably every man’s favourite. This versatile design boasts a metal clip in the middle where the cash is kept neatly. However, one setback of a money clip wallet is checking your bank notes and removing them. The money clip secures it so well that sometimes, getting cash out of it can be a little hassle.

French Style Wallets

For the ladies, the most popular wallet or purse type is hand-carry French purse, which has similar rectangle shape to the checkbook wallet. What makes it so different from the former is it has more compartments and several designs with or without zip and snap-type closure. It allows you to carry all your cards (for shopping, perhaps), cash, and sometimes, it even has a compartment for photos.

Wallets are handy items that everyone should invest in. Check out the best wallets in Singapore from brands like Crocodile, Fossil, and so much more!