Every child deserves a memorable childhood that is coloured in rainbow with a wonderful spectrum of happiness. As boys are always excited over a new release of Hot wheels, the only equivalent thing that can bring such joyful moments to girls has to be Barbie. Brighten up your little princess’ day with a brand new Barbie dolls collection today!

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Barbie dolls and friends – The dreams of every girl!

Barbie – a girl’s best friend since 1959

Do you know that playing with Barbie dolls is also an effective way to nurture a child’s wish of becoming the person who she creates her doll to be? As Barbie and her friends share various characters and lifestyles, every girl can see the reflection of herself in the inspiring story of each doll. Therefore, by imagining a role, an outfit and even a tale to her own doll, your daughter will be inspired to follow a particular dream at early stage in life in the most natural way.

Barbie is a character created by the husband and wife team – Elliot and Ruth Handle. It was when Ruth watching her daughter passionately played with a paper doll that the idea of giving it a name and characters started to sprout in her mind. A doll that possessed a fabulous fashion sense, elegant and well-mannered named Barbie was born on 9th March, 1959 and the toys were manufactured under Mattel, Inc.

During the time when most of the dolls were infant or made of paper, Barbie quickly became every little girl’s best friend for her magnificent role in their childhood memories. Kids love to create countless stories for Barbie, especially when they play around with her closet. Barbie debuted in a funky zebra swimsuit with her hair tied in pony tail, she looked just as beautiful as every girl in real life.

Barbie Singapore merchandise – Recreate the magical Barbie’s kingdom for your child

As Barbie became famous worldwide, her image was also made into different business line and one of the most successful “careers” was acting. She played her own self in Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World (1987), Barbie: Riding Club (1998, short film) and several special cameo roles in Disney’s Toy Story sequel. Whichever character that Barbie portrayed, she always appeared to be the type of girl that is not only lovable but also admirable for her beauty and kindness.

Girls everywhere grew up watching Barbie’s cartoon and it is undoubtedly that Barbie has encouraged numerous of them to follow her ideal characters. Hence why letting your baby girl make friend with Barbie is a right parenting way. She will be able to be more creative by dressing Barbie up in any way she wants (believe it or not, there are many fashion designers started their career development from creating clothes for Barbie and her friends).

Mattel, Inc has further creating merchandise products following the influential of Barbie. Now you can help your daughter to collect Barbie’s items to give her the ability to create her very own Barbie kingdom. Among the most sought after products under the name of Barbie, Barbie bags top the list of must-have kid’s wish-list. In fact, parents around the world have bought for their daughters Barbie schoolbags to effectively excite them to go to school!

Paint more colour in your baby girl’s childhood with Barbie Singapore

Not only Barbie who is loved by children but also her awesome sisters and friends, especially her handsome Ken Carson. With the joyful energy that they brought to the little audiences, the gang of Barbie has been together with people from generation to generation ever since.

The dolls are collectable and one does not simply be friend with Barbie without being introduced to her bestie Midge and her prince charming Ken. There are many ways to get to know each and every one of them and get your kids to develop their personality through Barbie’s inspiring moral stories or just simply discover new things in life by indulging in the world of Barbie.

Parents also choose Barbie computer games for their children to boost creativity and intelligence. It may sound negative to some but as long as they have proper guidance, Barbie’s adventures in the digital world can be a great source for studying too! There are just as many game collections as dolls in Mattel’s kingdom of Barbie. Here are some of the best Barbie games for kids:

  • Barbie as the Island Princess
  • Barbie Horse Adventures
  • Barbie: Explorer
  • Barbie: Super Sports
  • Barbie: Super Model

Barbie’s little secrets that you wish to know

  1. Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, the name was derived from Ruth and Elliot Handler’s daughter. And they also named Ken after their son, Kenneth.
  2. Barbie’s biggest fan is Bettina Dorfmann from Germany, who owns 15000 Barbie dolls!
  3. The ‘ancestor’ of Barbie is a Swiss doll named Bild Lilli.
  4. Sad but true, Barbie and Ken parted their ways in 2004, during Valentine. Her next short-term boyfriend was surfer from Australia, Blaine before Ken and her got back together on Valentine’s Day 2011.