Ever since Mattel launched the product in 1959, Barbie dolls have become one of the most iconic and widely-owned toys in the world. As a staple for all little girls’ (and boys’) toy box, Barbie and her friends can help bring out your little ones’ creativity and individuality. Read more about Barbie dolls and its special collections in Singapore here.


3 Inspiring Barbie Dolls Collection in Singapore

Barbie Millicent Roberts, or Barbie for short, has now become more than just the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jane of all trades for little children to play with. It is also a collectible item for antique hunters to collect and reminisce about their early days.

Barbie Fashionistas

Barbie Fashionistas are the “new crew” in town. This collection does not only include Barbie and her female friends, but also Ken and other male counterparts. What made this doll collection different than the rest is that the dolls are made in different shapes, sizes, and skin colors. It’s a great way to teach diversity and tolerance through the use of these dolls since the Barbie Collection represents what most people in this world looks like.

This means no more unrealistic body and beauty standards imposed through the original Barbie doll where having blond hair and blue eyes is the only way to achieve attractiveness. The Barbie dolls from the Fashionistas collection have natural hair, curvy figures, petite height, different skin tones, and hair styles.

Career Barbie

Compared to the time when Barbie was first released, nowadays girls and boys are encouraged to pursue their dreams no matter what it may be. As a source of inspiration, Mattel released Career Barbie comprising of dolls with different specialized occupations. For example, you can find Barbie dolls with jobs like ballet instructors, doctors, veterinarian, martial artist, farmer, president and vice president, pilot, chef, firefighter, and more.

Recently, a Gabby Douglas Barbie doll was released to celebrate the achievements of the American gymnast. Douglas was a part of the Fierce Five Olympics gymnast team representing the United States. She gained attention after she became the first African American to have won gold in all gymnast competitions in the Olympics. With the release of the Gabby Douglas Barbie career doll, any child of any descent will be inspired to make their dreams come true no matter what it costs.

Barbie Dream House

Who’s Barbie without her dream house? After you’ve brought Barbie clothing, accessories, cars, and friends, you need a place where you can proudly showcase them. Not only Barbie and her friends can freely hang out and throw parties in her house, the Barbie Dream House is equipped with many fascinating features.

The Barbie Dream House is three stories high with seven rooms, a one car garage, and a functioning elevator. Besides that, there are other kinds of Barbie doll houses like the Barbie Hello Dream House. It’s a two-story house with corresponding lights, sounds, and motors that you can control using voice commands. This house also equipped with an elevator and a magical staircase that can turn into a slide. If you think you’d never get jealous of a doll and her doll house, think again.

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