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A family-owned footwear and fashion accessories manufacturer and retailer, Bata is known throughout the world for its affordable and yet stylishly designed products. The company is currently based in Switzerland and is present in more than 70 countries. The company is mostly known for its footwear, though it does sell other fashion accessories.

Fun Shoes For Children

Even if your child is just learning how to crawl, shoes are still important as it protects their feet. Bubblegummers and Baby Bubbles are two lines of shoes created by Bata for babies all the way to children of age 9 years old. Baby Bubbles has shoes for newborns to little ones who are 12 months old while Bubblegummers are specially catered to children age 1 to 9 years old. These shoes help protect your child’s feet in fun designs that would appeal to all children. The styles are frequently updated to ensure that children will never grow bored with what Bata has to offer.

Heaven for Shoe Addicts

Bata has all kinds of shoes that caters to specific needs of their customers. Take Bata Comfit, for example. The shoes feature an ergonomic design that supports your feet while a cushioned insole and heel surround give comfort to your feet as you walk. Talk about comfort shoes! If you are looking for something luxurious that gives an air of sophistication, then check out Bata Ambassador line of shoes that combines Italian design and handcrafted details with the highest quality leather that will add some class to your outfit.

Choose Bata Singapore, Choose Comfort and Confidence

Shoes are an essential part of your daily outfit. Long gone are the days where you give least concern and attention to your shoes. In our fashion forward world today it is all about shoes, shoes and shoes! Shoes are not just about being fashionable, it is also about being comfortable. One should never sacrifice comfort over fashion. That is why Bata footwear is designed to cater those who want to walk comfortably and in style.

The Uniqueness of Bata Shoes form iprice Singapore

Bata Shoes are known for its amazing features. They say, once you wear Bata, you would never go for anything else. There are reasons why people feel that way. If you walk with your Bata shoes on, you would be taken on a ride where you can experience yourself walking on the sky.

The Best Bata Footwear at iprice Singapore

Bata has a wide range of footwear that suits our daily activities and lifestyle. With Bata around, you don’t have to worry anymore about wearing the same footwear to all the places. Bata caters to your every need and will only give you the best with its many types of footwear.

Sneakers are the trend right now. You can wear sneakers wherever you go. Bata sneakers would give you the cool look and also make you covered feet comfortable
Flats are something that you should have. This not very formal footwear can be used by any age groups. You can wear them to college, shopping or if you are going out for a lunch date with your friends.
Every woman should own a pair of heels. The height of your heels would literally increase your confidence. With comfortable Bata heels, you would never experience discomfort or painful feet or toes anymore.
Boots is also rising up the popularity ladder. Celebrities are donning boots no matter where they go. Bata designs comfortable boots that give you an edgy style.
Boat shoes
This footwear is one of the most comfortable footwear you can ever find. It is a combination of flats and covered shoes. It is known for its airy and light weight properties. Bata boat shoes is a must have in your shoes collection.

Buy Bata Shoes Now at iprice Singapore

Bata shoes transform your life and make you feel comfortable and confident in it. Now you can buy your favourite pair of Bata shoes at our iprice Singapore online store with just one click of a button. Have fun shopping!

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