From candles and perfumes to lotions and hand sanitisers, Bath and Body Works has it all. They also offer personal care products in various scents and variations, guaranteed to make your life a whole lot better and fresher. Find out more about the most popular products and collections from Bath and Body Works Singapore below.

Do Bath & Body Works test their products on animals? | Does Bath and Body Works ship to Singapore? | Which are some of the most popular scents from Bath & Body Works?


Top Products from Bath and Body Works Singapore

Bath & Body Works is an American brand originating in New Albany, Ohio. Bath & Body Works is an outstanding fragrance and beauty brand known by many all over the globe. It expanded into the Asia-Pacific region which included Singapore in 2014 and opened its first regional store in Marina Bay Sands. The brand carries products like candles, perfumes, hand sanitisers, hand soaps, home fragrance, lotions, shower gels, and more with a variety of fragrances. Their products are targeted towards men and women from any age group due to its eclectic collection of scents.

Bath and Body Works Body Care

The body care range from Bath and Body Works consists of shower gels, body wash, bath bombs, body scrubs, body lotion, body cream, oils, fragrances, hair care, and other bath accessories. They each have their own collections targeting specific dilemmas like dry skin, sun protection, and more, each collection with its own unique scents.

Top customer favourites from this Bath and Body Works collection include the Japanese Cherry Blossom Super Smooth Body Lotion, A Thousand Wishes Ultra Shea Body Cream, and In the Sun Super Smooth Body Lotion which is included as a part of the brand’s new sun protection series.

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Series

Bath & Body Works now incorporates aromatherapy into their body care line, with unique blends like Relax, Reset, Revive, Restore, Balance, Comfort, Energy, Love, Sleep, and Stress Relief. All of these blends come in the form of bar soap, body cream, lotion, body oil, body scrub, body spray & mist, body wash & shower gel, hand care, and even pillow mist!

Bath and Body Works Hand Soaps

Under this category, the hand soaps are further divided into gentle foaming soaps, exfoliating soaps, nourishing soaps, and hand sanitisers. The Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers, known as the PocketBac Sanitizers, are the most popular items since they come in many unique scents like Black Cherry Merlot, Stress Relief Eucalyptus and Spearmint, and Birthday Cake.

These sanitisers can be easily brought on the go using the PocketBac Holders that come in a variety of designs. Some of the fun PocketBac Holders include mermaid tail, emojis, tiny backpacks, and a fuzzy pompom, all of which will match seamlessly with whatever bag or purse you carry on a daily basis.

Bath and Body Works Home Fragrance

Additionally, your hands and your body aren’t the only areas that can always smell fresh and clean. With the home fragrance collection from Bath & Body Works, your home can also be as fresh as you. Under the brand White Barn, Bath & Body Works offer scented candles with single wicks, 3 wicks, mini candles, various candle accessories, and fresheners in the form of wallflower plugs, wax melts, and room sprays.

If you're trying out Bath & Body Works body care products for the first time, we recommend their travel size items for a short-term trial. Under the Travel Size collection, there are diverse scents of mini perfume sprays, mini cologne, hand sanitiser, hand cream, lip shine, lip balm, lip gloss, lip butter, shimmer lip tint, exfoliating lip scrub, fragrance mist, shower gel, body lotion, body cream, and 2-in-1 hair + body wash.

Do Bath & Body Works test their products on animals?

Animal testing is prohibited at Bath & Body Works. As quoted by the brand on its official website, “Bath & Body Works does not test any of our products, formulations or ingredients on animals”. Instead, the company supports research on developing an alternative to non-animal testing.

Does Bath and Body Works ship to Singapore?

Yes, you can purchase the brand's products through its official online store Singapore and enjoy free shipping on orders above SGD90. Find various deals on gift sets or bundles wrapped in beautiful packaging, which are perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you'd like to test the texture of their products or get a whiff of their scent, you can visit Bath & Body Works physical stores. Alternatively, you can also find great deals on their products on other online shopping sites such as Shopee and Lazada.

Can Bath & Body Works hand sanitisers kill germs?

Enriched with shea extract, vitamin E, 71% alcohol and aloe, the brand's hand sanitisers kill 99.9% of most common germs and keep your hands clean and soft. Plus, they look cute when you pop them into a PocketBac holder.

Which are some of the most popular scents from Bath & Body Works Singapore?

Bath & Body Works has over 140 different scents under its belt. But their most popular scents in Singapore are Sweet Pea, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Hibiscus Paradise, French Lavender, Peach Bellini, Cucumber Melon, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Moonlight Path, Perfect Peony, Juniper Breeze, Mango Mandarin, Plumeria, Sun-Ripened Raspberry, and Twilight Woods.

Bath & Body Works renews its product catalogue as every new season arrives. So, go ahead and browse the official Bath & Body Works site to stay up-to-date with their new or latest fragrance collections!