From candles and perfumes to lotions and hand sanitizers, Bath and Body Works has it all. They also offer personal care products in various scents and variations, guaranteed to make your life a whole lot better and fresher. Find out more about the most popular products and collections from Bath and Body Works SG below.


Top Products from Bath and Body Works Singapore

Bath and Body Works, stylized as Bath & Body Works, is an American brand originating in Albany, Ohio. The brand carries products like candles, perfumes, hand sanitizers, lotions, shower gels, and more with a variety of fragrances. The products from Bath and Body Works Singapore are targeted towards men and women from any age group due to its eclectic collection of scents.

Bath and Body Works Body Care

The body care range from Bath and Body Works consists of shower gels, body wash, bath bombs, bar soaps, body scrubs, body lotion, body cream, oils, fragrances, hair care, and other bath accessories. They each have their own collections targeting specific dilemmas like dry skin, sun protection, and more, each collection with their own unique scents.

Top customers’ favourite products from this Bath and Body Works collection include the Japanese Cherry Blossom Super Smooth Body Lotion, A Thousand Wishes Ultra Shea Body Cream, and In the Sun Super Smooth Body Lotion which is included as a part of the brand’s new sun protection series. These top products from Bath and Body Works Singapore contain high-quality ingredients that will improve and maintain the wellness of your skin.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom Super Smooth Body Lotion, for instance, is infused with coconut oil and shea butter to moisturize your skin thoroughly with the added vitamin E to help lock in the moisture for up to 24 hours.

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Series

In times when self-care has become a part of our routine, aromatherapy is widely used as it is acclaimed for its calming effect. The aroma is said to be able to stimulate the smell receptors in your nose and interact with your nervous system. It is common to see aroma-based body care products being included in a self-care kit as many believe that aroma plays a part in relieving anxiety and stress.

Bath & Body Works now incorporates aromatherapy into their body care products, with unique blends like Relax, Reset, Revive, Restore, Balance, Comfort, Energy, Love, Sleep, and Stress Relief. All of these blends come in the form of bar soap, body cream, body lotion, body oil, body scrub, body spray & mist, body wash & shower gel, hand care, and even pillow mist! Each blend is designed with a certain scent or mixture of different fragrances that fit its name. For instance, the lavender scent is known for helping one to sleep better. Hence you will find Lavender Vanilla as the main fragrance in Bath & Body Works’ Sleep range.

Bath and Body Works Hand Soaps

Your body is not the only thing that needs constant and sufficient care; because you use your hands for literally everything, it needs just as much care products as the rest of your body. Bath and Body Works Singapore has some of the best hand soaps that will not only get rid of the bacteria and dirt on your hands but moisturize them as well.

Under this Bath and Body Works category, the hand soaps are further divided into gentle foaming soaps, exfoliating soaps, nourishing soaps, and hand sanitizers. The Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers, known as the PocketBac Sanitizers, are the collection’s most popular products since they come in many unique scents like Black Cherry Merlot, Stress Relief Eucalyptus and Spearmint, and Birthday Cake.

These sanitizers can be easily brought on the go using the PocketBac Holders that come in a variety of designs. Some of the fun PocketBac Holders include mermaid tail, emojis, tiny backpacks, and a fuzzy pompom, all of which will match seamlessly with whatever bag or purse you carry on a daily basis.

Bath and Body Works Home Fragrance

Additionally, your hands and your body aren’t the only areas that can always smell fresh and clean. With the home fragrance collection from Bath and Body Works Singapore, your home can also be as fresh as you. Under the brand White Barn, Bath and Body Works offer scented candles with single wicks, 3 wicks, mini candles, various candle accessories, and fresheners in the form of wallflower plugs, wax melts, and room sprays.

When lit up, the scented candles put you in a better mood while winding down after a long day of a hectic schedule. Fun fact: candles are essential in Danish culture, which is often associated with Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) - a quality of cosiness and comfort with feelings of contentment. The flicker of the flame creates a relaxing and calming ambience for your room, while the comforting scent sends a soothing vibe to your overall well being. This is why many people often equate scented candles with cosiness.

The candles have floral, fruity, fresh, gourmand, and woody notes. Some of the popular scents include Fresh Cut Lilacs, Peach, Almond, French Lavender, Mint, Lemon, Carrot Nectarine, Avocado Coconut, Tiki Beach, Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit, and Pomelo Citron. These candles are packaged in aesthetically-pleasing holders that can fit all kinds of home decors.

To properly burn these candles, make sure you come prepared with a wick trimmer (or a pair of scissors) and some long matches. Trim the wick until it’s ¼-inch long and burn the candles evenly for up to 4 hours to avoid tunnelling. This will also help prevent soot and unwanted smoke that can occur when you light your Bath and Body Works candle improperly.

Bath and Body Works Gift Guide

Instead of keeping all of Bath and Body Works’ magnificent scents to yourself, you can share them as gifts to celebrate special occasions or to just simply let your loved ones know they’re always in your thoughts. You can celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more with candles, perfumes, and toiletries from Bath and Body Works in Singapore. Adorn the gift with a bow and a small greeting card and it is all set. You can also choose to add all of those products into a gift hamper that comes with a greeting card for you to write your special messages in. Aside from that, if you’re unsure about which specific products to gift to your loved ones, you can opt for a gift card instead so they can buy their favourite products themselves.

While there are many other skincare and body care brands out there, Bath and Body Works Singapore remain the top choice for those seeking unique yet chemically safe scents. You can start switching your current products with Bath and Body Works toiletries and more right now to spruce up the scents in your life.

If you are trying out Bath & Body Works body care products for the first time, we recommend their travel size products for a short-term trial. Under the Travel Size collection, there are diverse scents of mini perfume sprays, mini cologne, hand sanitizer, hand cream, lip shine, lip balm, lip gloss, lip butter, shimmer lip tint, exfoliating lip scrub, fragrance mist, shower gel, body lotion, body cream, and 2-in-1 hair + body wash. A tip to save even more on these travel-size toiletries is to watch for their Mix and Match promotion wherein you can buy 2 and get 1 free.

Bath & Body Works Singapore FAQs

Do Bath & Body Works test their products on animals?

Animal testing is prohibited at Bath & Body Works. As quoted by the brand on its official website, “Bath & Body Works does not test any of our products, formulations or ingredients on animals”. Instead, the company supports research on developing an alternative to non-animal testing.

Does Bath & Body Works only sell fragrances?

No. Other than fragrances, Bath & Body Works produces candles, body lotions, body creams, body wash, body fragrances, car fragrances, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, wallflowers, bubble bath, and many more!

Which are some of the most popular scents from Bath & Body Works?

Bath & Body Works has over 140 different scents under their belt. But their most popular scents in Singapore are Sweet Pea, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Cucumber Melon, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Moonlight Path, Juniper Breeze, Mango Mandarin, Plumeria, Sun-Ripened Raspberry, and Twilight Woods.

Does Bath and Body Works ship to Singapore?

Currently, Bath & Body Works does not ship its products to Singapore, but only to the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and US territories. You can purchase Bath & Body Works products in their physical stores or on other online shopping sites such as Shopee and Lazada.

Is Bath and Body Works cheaper in-store?

The prices of Bath & Body Works products are not always cheaper in stores, except during seasonal or stock clearance sales. They can be found cheap online as well, which is why iPrice is your go-to site for price comparison of Bath & Body Works collections!

What are the latest scent and home fragrance collections by Bath & Body Works?

Latest Scent Collection

  • Sparkling Peach Sangria - sliced peach, white wine & orange peel
  • Fresh Coconut Colada - coconut milk, vanilla rum & pink hibiscus
  • Rosé Champagne - sparkling rosé, citrus splash & apple blossom
  • Watermelon Lemonade Spritzer - watermelon ice, sparkling water & sugared lemon
  • Perfect Peony - peony, natural apple oil & vanilla sandalwood
  • Coast - sparkling mineral water, seaside lavender & white musk

Latest Home Fragrance Collection

3-Wick Candle

  • Raspberry Mimosa
  • Banana Walnut Muffin
  • Lemon Lavender Shortbread
  • Blueberry Maple Pancakes
  • Blueberry Lavender Lemonade
  • Leaves
  • Pumpkin Vanilla Creme
  • Salted Butterscotch
  • Sparkling Pear Riesling
  • Pumpkin Apple
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  • Frozen Lake
  • Sweater Weather
  • Vanilla Sage

Latest Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Collection

  • Cactus Blossom - cactus flower petal, sun-kissed coconut & sparkling lemon
  • Sun-washed Citrus - sugared lemons, juicy pineapple & mandarin
  • White Tea & Sage - fresh tea, lemon & herbs
  • Almond Blossom - almond milk, coriander & vanilla sugar
  • Desert Lily Breeze - white Casablanca lily, soft breeze & cocooning musk

Bath & Body Works renew their product catalogue as every new season arrives. So, go ahead and browse the official Bath & Body Works site to stay up-to-date with their new or latest arrivals!