When we think about sweet fragrances, Bath and Body Works is one of the brands that pops into our mind. The brand has released a plethora of fragrance products including body lotions, creams, mists, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, wallflowers, candles and many more. Read more below to know what iconic scents from Bath and Body Works Singapore remain cult favourites until this day!


Must-have Heavenly Scents by Bath and Body Works in Singapore

Characterised by its blue and white-checkered wallpaper in its stores, Bath and Body Works has grown to become many scent lovers’ most patronised destination over the years. From bath and body products like shower gels, body mists, and body cream to home fragrance including candles and wallflowers, Bath and Body Works has invented myriads of scents beyond our imagination. Let’s find out which iconic fragrances many Bath & Body Works aficionados swear by below!

Japanese Cherry Blossom

As one of the bestsellers, this fruity-floral scent sells like hot cakes during the spring season in seasonal countries. It is a graceful blend of Japanese cherry blossoms (duh!), crisp Asian pears, mimosa petals, white jasmine, and sandalwood.

Cucumber Melon

For those scent lovers who prefer a mild, subtle scent minus a floral hint, cucumber melon hits the spot for you. Besides cucumbers, the refreshing scent carries notes of juicy honeydew, summer cantaloupe, grapefruit and sheer woods.

Country Apple

Touted as America’s #1 scent for body lotion, the country apple is known to be one of the OGs in early Bath & Body Works collections. Infused with notes like McIntosh Apple, Apple Blossom, Fresh Muguet, Sheer Sunlight, and Orchard Woods, this scent vows to transport you to a far-away apple orchard!

Sweet Pea

Fun fact: the oldest Bath & Body Works scent is Sweet Pea, which was launched back in 2000. The oldest scent comes in a concoction of sweet pea, watery pear, sheer freesia, luscious raspberry, and soft musk, and it’s bound to make you feel young again!

Vanilla Bean Noel

Want something that smells like Christmas cookies? This is it! Any vanilla or pastries lover would die for this scent as it is a mixture of fresh vanilla bean, sugar cookies, whipped cream, snow-kissed musk and a hint of chocolate. You can’t go wrong with vanilla scent anytime anywhere.

FAQs About Bath and Body Works SG

Are Bath and Body Works shower gels good?

Bath and Body Works shower gels lather very well, and some of them come with moisturising properties which help to lock in moisture. Look for ones with shea butter, coconut oil, or cocoa butter for moisturising shower gels. Other than that, their scent lingers on your skin for a good few hours. That being said, some reviewers have mentioned that Bath and Body Works shower gels aren’t quite suitable for those with very sensitive skin. So it’s always wise to get the travel-size shower gels in advance for a trial.

How long do Bath and Body Works hand soaps last?

Most Bath and Body Works products have a shelf life of 2-3 years after the manufacturing date, including hand soaps. A good way to preserve the condition of Bath and Body Works products is to store them away from direct sunlight but place them in a dry, cooling spot instead.

Can you buy Bath and Body Works online?

Absolutely! Although purchasing Bath and Body Works products on its official website isn’t yet possible for Singapore, online shopping sites such as Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10 are great shopping destinations that can help you to stock up on Bath and Body Works’ personal care and home fragrance products.