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Your private sanctuary for peace and comfort, your bathroom is your go to place for all things care related. Wind down from a long day’s work with a nice warm bath, refresh yourself with a cooling shower or prep yourself for the day in front of your sink and mirror. The bathroom is where you can truly focus on yourself.

707 Princeton Instant Water Heater Champagne
S$ 248.00 S$ 399.00
707 Instant Water Heater Alpine
S$ 188.00 S$ 239.00
Champs Legend Water Heater (Full Set)
S$ 305.00 S$ 350.00
3M Water Filter high qualityHome square shower head shower set, third gear splashesspill suits, slim Turbo shower, aluminum space bathtub faucet -intl
S$ 197.30 S$ 335.30
Tecno Tsh-1515 Storage water heater 15L
S$ 228.00
Ariston 20L Andris Slim Storage Water Heater Sl20
S$ 274.54 S$ 329.00
Ariston Aa-25 Storage Water Heater
S$ 339.00
Ariston Aures Luxury Water Heater St33
S$ 288.00 S$ 299.00
OEM Brand New 360 Degree Rotatable 8 Round ABS Chrome Water Spray RainFall Bathroom Shower Head Bathroom Assistance intl
S$ 12.60 S$ 13.20
Akira Whs-200(W) Water Heater
S$ 79.00 S$ 149.00
Rheem Rsx-30 Thermatrac Electric Storage Water Heater 30L
S$ 225.50
707 Kensington Electric Storage Water Heater 25L
S$ 288.00 S$ 399.00
Champs Lagoon Water Heater (5 Years Warranty)
S$ 129.00 S$ 149.00
Tecno Twh608 Instant Water Heater
S$ 118.00 S$ 208.00
OEM Shower Curtains,Elegant Waterproof Bathroom Curtain Polyester SolidShower Bath Curtain with Curtain Hooks Shower Liner BathAccessories Home Lovely Decor Bathtub Curtains Grey intl
S$ 16.20 S$ 32.30
Champs A30 30L Electric Storage Water Heater
S$ 215.00
Tecno Tsh1025Cb 25L Storage Water Heater
S$ 235.60 S$ 298.00
Ariston Andris LUX 15 Storage Water Heater
S$ 291.50 S$ 329.00
Rheem 85Vp6S 23L Electric Storage Water Heater
S$ 340.00 S$ 399.00
Europace EWH 22C Water Heater
S$ 143.00 S$ 169.00
OEM Perforated aluminum bathroom Bathroom Towel rack space spinnail-free activity towel bar intl
S$ 30.81 S$ 32.40
Akira Whs-200(G) Water Heater
S$ 79.00 S$ 149.00
vinmax Matte Space Aluminium Bathroom Shelf 2-level TriangularShower Caddy Bathroom Wall Corner Rack Storage Organizer Holder -intl
S$ 13.40 S$ 17.90
Rheem Electric Instant Water Heater
S$ 98.00 S$ 148.00
JOVEN | Ariston | Lowest Price | Storage Water Heater Clearance Sales
S$ 238.00
Warranty: Ariston Singapore 5 Years Heating Element & 1 Year Parts Warranty: Joven Singapore 10 Years Leakage & 1 Year Parts If you require installation please give us a call for quotation
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Aerogaz S895 Instant Water Heater
S$ 99.00 S$ 129.70
Usherlife Brass Gold Bathroom Faucet Mixer Basin Tap(Gold)
S$ 108.90 S$ 108.90
JOVEN She-Jh25-3Kw Storage Water Heater 25L
S$ 265.00
Tecno 90L Storage Water Heater Tsh5090R
S$ 398.00
Rheem 65Vp15S Vertical Storage Water Heater
S$ 588.00
707 Princeton Copper Tank Instant Water Heater
S$ 269.00 S$ 349.00
Ariston Fino Series Fe3023 Water Heater
S$ 169.00 S$ 209.00
OEM Hydrotherapy Shower Head or SPA Shower Head(6cm) intl
S$ 7.90 S$ 12.60
Panasonic Instant Water Heater
S$ 108.00 S$ 115.00
leegoal Women's 2 In 1 Shower Wrap Bath Towel Female Bathrobe SPAWrap,Pink,Width(78cm/30.7inch), Length(149cm/58.7inch) intl
S$ 10.60 S$ 50.90
JOVEN She-Jh35-3Kw Storage Water Heater 35L
S$ 270.00 S$ 349.00
Champs Accord Instant Water Heater
S$ 109.00 S$ 159.00
OEM 500ml Wall Mounted Chrome Shower Shampoo Soap Dispenser Bathroom -intl
S$ 7.40 S$ 17.30
OEM Happy Fun Animals Faucet Extender Baby Kids Hand Washing BathroomSink intl
S$ 8.40 S$ 24.00
Tecno 50L Horizontal Storage Water Heater Tsh5050R
S$ 599.00
*Prices updated on 19 Oct 2017

The history of bathing

Bathing to care for the body has played an important role in many societies even way back in ancient times. With water often used in many religious or political ceremonies, each tradition had their own special version of cleansing. In Ancient Rome, bathing was considered as a public ritual to socialize, look after the body as well as to associate with the elite. This was considered to be a requirement by certain social classes of people. Hammams were the Middle East’s version of public baths with the oldest surviving ones dating back to the 12th century. This was especially important to them as it was associated with the city’s prosperity. In Medieval Japan, zen monasteries used bathing to cleanse and meditate. While this was not a necessity, it was used for therapeutic purposes such as natural hot springs.

Why have a bathroom?

Nowadays a modern bathrooms is more than a place just to cleanse yourself. It is where you can truly be yourself. Whether you feel like singing at the top of your lungs like a superstar singer or finding your best angle in the mirror, the bathroom is there for you to do it all. But most importantly, you have to make your bathroom truly you because after all, it is where you should feel most comfortable. How might you do this? Decorate it to cater to your style!

Bathroom must haves from iprice Singapore

Toilet: A toilet is always a must have in a bathroom. Sit on your throne like a king while reading through a magazine or two.

Shower: Dance like nobody’s business and sing along to the sound of the running showerhead. The shower is not only a place to wash up but also a great place to bring the diva out in you.

Bathtub: Who could say no to the temptation of a bubble bath? Light a few candles and pop a bottle of bubby at the end of the week to enjoy a relaxing night soaking in a nice warm bath.

Sink: A sink has many uses. You cleanse your face, wash your hands and brush your teeth by the sink. This everyday necessity is something you really can’t forget to have in your bathroom.

Mirror: Although we may not like to admit it, we are all vain pots. We look at the mirror every time we pass by one. Having a mirror in the bathroom would be great to help you ensure that you look your very best before you leave your house to conquer the world.

Towel Hanger: Keep your towels dry ready for its next use by hanging it on a towel rack.

Cabinets & Shelves: Store away and organize your make up, skin care products and other bathroom knickknacks in cabinets & shelves. A decluttered bathroom is definitely a more appealing place to be.

Fun facts about bathrooms

  • A person spends an average of 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom
  • The most expensive toilet roll is a 24 carat 3 ply toilet roll
  • The King of Saudi Arabia gifted his daughter a toilet made of pure gold for her wedding
  • Females takes spends 3 times longer than males in the bathroom
  • An average person visits the toilet 2,500 times a year
  • 64% of women think of their to do lists in the shower

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