One of the simplest yet functional household items is the soap holder. Choose the best soap holder in Singapore and learn about the different types below.

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Types of soap holders

You would think that such a simple household product would only serve one purpose, however, there are many functions to it. Other than storing soap, it blends well with the look of your bathroom if you know how to choose the right styles. Moreover, soap holders help prevent soap from getting mushy if it is designed to have a well-draining system.


Generally, soap holders made with this material are handmade. Natural woods such as birch, rubberwood, and oak are suitable to be used for bathroom accessories. An elegant natural wood soap dish is not only space-efficient; it is usually designed with slots that help to extend the life of the soap as it provides proper drainage. Soggy soaps can be a mess during the course of its usage, so keep your soap fresh, dry, clean, and ready to use for your next bath. The key feature to a wooden soap holder is that it does not stain easily compared to the plastic models.


One of the more versatile soap holders, the sleek design of a steel holder can be used in the bathroom as well as the kitchen sink. Stainless steel is a material that is ideal to be used in a wet environment as it is able to resist rust and corrosion. It is especially beneficial to be utilized in the kitchen as it helps to eliminate mushy soap scum on surfaces, keeping the countertops clean and well-protected.


Plastic materials work well in wet, dry, and humid environments without losing its shape and its functionality. They are one of the cheapest soap holders in the market and are generally low-maintenance. Many models come with a rubber suction system that can be simply attached to all flat surfaces in the bathroom. There are also free-standing versions of the soap holder that can be efficiently placed anywhere in the house. The only downside to this soap holder is that it tends to leave a stain.


Ideal to be placed on the shower shelf, vanity or countertop, the non-skid surface of the material keeps the mat in place particularly in a wet environment. Due to the flexible nature of the silicone, it can be kept in unusually shaped places. The lightweight material of the silicone is simple to clean and can be tossed in the dishwasher for a quick wash. Moreover, it is kid-friendly as the material is non-breakable.


A contemporary looking piece which is often seen in exclusive hotels, glass soap holders are versatile and stain-resistant. The material is long-lasting while seamlessly accents bathrooms, and interior decoration. Glass tends to be a heavier material, thus it does not tumble easily on a wet surface. In addition, it is simple to clean and works great as a hygienic option for your bathroom.

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