Korean beauty and cosmetics has always been renowned around the world to be the most advanced in the industry. Leading the list of the most popular makeup brands in Korea is Bbia. With their exciting collection of foundations, lipstick, eyeliners, eyeshadows, different sets of pigments, and makeup removers, you can look like your favorite KPop idols. Check out our selection of Bbia products online or click here to know more about the brand.

BBIA Makeup Products

Bbia Singapore - the Essence of Korean Beauty

Korean cosmetics has always been five to ten years advanced compared to its western counterparts in terms of formulation and trends. Due to the popularity of KPOP and Korean culture, Korean cosmetics and makeup techniques are so popular in the internet for its transforming qualities. Leading the Korean beauty industry is Bbia - one of the most popular Korean cosmetic brands today. If you love Korean makeup, then you have probably heard about this brand online.

About Bbia Singapore

Bbia is one of Korea’s most well-known makeup brands that sprung from the interwebs and keeping it that way since the brand was first established in 1997. It was one of the first online Korean cosmetics brand and is renowned in the country for its quality formulation, long-lasting wear, and affordable prices. Bbia is an acronym which means “Blooming beauty in online ocean” which corresponds to their medium of marketing, and selling their products. From the shores of South Korea to the Internet, Bbia is now available, not only in Southeast Asia but also the rest of the world such as the United States, Europe, and Australia. Korean cosmetics has never been this fun and classy with Bbia.

Why choose Bbia?

  • One of the best things about Bbia is that it is super affordable! Anybody can get KPOP-inspired makeup without spending too much on products!
  • Bbia has been in the industry for more than 15 years, producing unique sets of makeup collections and adding a twist to classic pigments.
  • Bbia is a favorite brand amongst many Korean celebrities and makeup artists. If you want to nail that fabulous KPOP look, then Bbia would definitely suit your style.
  • Bbia offers premium formulation and an assortment of finishes from matte to glossy, and a selection of pigments to choose from. Everything that you need for your makeup is in this brand.

Western (American) makeup vs Korean Makeup

To put it simply, Korean makeup looks more natural than western makeup trends, where contouring and highlighting are used to enhance your features. On top of that, Korean makeup tends to use less products for a more natural look. However, if you prefer to have dramatic eyes, full lips, and fierce look, then you would certainly prefer western style. In the long run, both styles are definitely trendy, fabulous, and are a must-try for true makeup lovers! From face to your lips, you can instantly tell the difference between Western and Korean style makeup.


Brows are an important part of any look. It helps frame the face and can make or break your makeup routine. For Koreans, straight thick brows are most desirable for that soft and youthful look. American style on the other hand prefers a more defined, high-arch brows which gives the face a little bit of personality and sass.


Both styles puts importance in accentuating the eyes to give it definition. For Korean makeup, neutral to sheer eyeshadows are used for a more natural effect with eyeline rangled downwards to give it a puppy-dog, more innocent effect. A white eye pencil or shimmer is also used to highlight the aegyosal which is a thin layer of fat underneath the eyes. For its western counterpart, the eyes are better enhanced with darker, or heavier layers of eyeshadow for a smouldering, smokey, and sexy look. The eyeliner is angled upwards for added intensity and the aegyosal is hidden underneath concealers. Faux lashes are also prevalent in western style makeup.


The face is like the canvas for a fine piece of artwork and that is your makeup. For both trends, the face plays an important role in pulling off a sleek and fabulous look. For Korean style of makeup, smooth and fair skin is highly coveted with minimum coverage in foundation; this is where premium Korean skin care comes in. BB creams with dewy and moist finish are also in trend for that well-hydrated and moisturized look. The western counterpart on the other hand prefer the other way around. A tanned skin tone is definitely in trend along with contouring your face to highlight your cheekbones, nose, jawline and forehead. Contouring powders, bronzers, and concealers are added on top of the foundation for maximum coverage.


The lips are the cherry on top, the cream of the crop of your makeup routine. In Korean makeup, small, dainty, and innocent looking lips are preferred with nude to pink colors preferred. Red is also popular in Korean makeup but is reserved for the bold and the fierce. Meanwhile for western makeup, you can take your lips to the next level with bolder, fuller lips with a wide range of pigments from classic red, hot pink, nude, to outrageous colors such as metallic and neon.

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Whether you love Korean or Western style of makeup, Bbia takes you on a whole new level of Korean cosmetics. For the past 15 years, the brand has been a household name in the Korean beauty industry, so if you want to achieve that KPOP look that you have always wanted, check out Bbia’s exciting collection of cosmetics here and shop at iprice!