At times, we do not always get a night’s of restful sleep and when it is time to wake up, we feel even more exhausted than ever. To ideally catch enough z’s, experience the evolution of sleeping on-the-go with neck pillows in Singapore. Click here to learn more about the products.

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Neck pillows in Singapore: Your ultimate travel companion

Places you can improve your neck comfort with neck pillows in Singapore

Being constantly on-the-go can take a toll on your neck muscles as they are some of the most abused parts of your body. Thankfully, you probably do not have to turn to costly massages or physical therapy. Relieving your neck aches may be as easy as purchasing neck pillows in Singapore. Below are some examples that can be used during long car rides, flights or even hours of sitting in an office chair.


Whether if you are taking charge of driving or choose to relax in the passenger seat, you can now do it with the utmost comfort. Below are some of the neck pillows in Singapore that are specially designed just for your vehicle. Here are some great neck pillows that you can take on long car-rides:

  • Car travel pillow inflatable pillow U-shaped
  • Love Home Premium Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion & Car Neck Pillow Kit
  • Car headrest neck pillow cushion car interior products with a pillow vehicle seat headrest
  • Wild Bamboo Inflatable Neck Pillow
  • Useful LuckBobi Car seat neck pillow


Having a good night’s rest goes way beyond banishing those dark eye circles and boosting your mood, it is essential for your overall physical wellbeing. Typically, we should be getting an average of 7-8 hours of sleep per night. To get enough sleep, not only should you put importance on your sleeping environment, it is also important to invest in good sleeping products, such as neck pillows in Singapore for your bedroom. If you want to check out neck pillows for your bed, here are some great ones that you can buy online:

  • 2016 New Bamboo Fibre Pillow Memory Foam Memory Cervical Health Care Neck Pillow
  • Thailand’s natural rubber latex pillow massage pillow health cervical reduce snoring
  • Memory Foam Pillow Slow Rebound Neck Pillow Fiber Cervical Health Care

Work Desks

On average, people work roughly around eight to nine hours a day and it can be exhausting. Sleeping while on duty in Japan is an acceptable behaviour, but that does not mean it is applicable to everyone. Now you can take advantage of your lunch hours at work for some siesta with neck pillows in Singapore. Sleeping in the office? Check out these great neck pillows in Singapore:

  • HKS Multifunctional Portable Soft Ostrich Pillow Light
  • Mini Glove Pillow Hot Sales Creative Siesta Pillows
  • U-Shape Air Inflatable Pillow Cushion for Home Office

Inject a dose of humour to your life with neck pillows in Singapore

Literally sleep anywhere with neck pillows in Singapore. They are lightweight and compact making it easy to use and carry around. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Not only does it help you relieve stress, it also acts as a temporary pain reliever. You will never get bored with the variety of novelty neck pillows in Singapore available only on iPrice!