Planning to bring in some style and comfort to your bedroom so you could sink onto the bed after a hard day's work? Throw pillows get the job done. Read more about throw pillows .

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Throw Pillows Singapore: Comfortable Pillows for Comfortable Homes

Have a bed that needs a touch of opulence? Throw pillows are a great choice to add beauty and elegance to your home. Although they were originally made for the bedroom and sofa, they can be displayed in any room throughout your home. Now, you may be wondering which throw pillows to buy as there are many types of throw pillow on the market. Do not worry because we’ll get to know them to avoid conflict of design.

Throw Pillows Singapore: Different Designs for Different People

Knife edge pillow

This is the most basic and most popular type of throw pillow. It got its name from its simplest form – when sewing together two pieces of fabric around the edges, forming a “knife edge” seam. It comes in different shapes such as square, round, or rectangular. Due to its polished look, knife edge pillow tapers into sharp corners with no added ornamentation.

Flange pillow

This type of pillow has a piece of fabric at its edges called a flange. It is the most decorative type of throw pillow and can be made with the same fabric as the rest of the pillow. It has its flange pattern on the vertical, and turning the pattern in a different manner gives you an impressive result.

Welted pillow

If you prefer a subtle look, a welted or corded pillow would be a great option. A welted pillow is a knife edge pillow with added decorative cord at the seams.

Box pillow

A box pillow has taller edges in contrast to the knife edge pillow that is flat at the ridges. What’s good about box pillows is that they can be made into cushions, that’s why they’re commonly used on sofas and chair seats.

Bolster pillow

Want to add a captivating touch to sofas or chairs? Bolster pillows would be a nice choice as they tone down the look of sofas with high arms. These pillows come in many sizes and are cylindrical in shape. They can also be used as finishing pillows on beds.

Choosing the Best Throw Pillows That Will Blend with Your Lifestyle

For a modern look

Oblong or square pillows are a great option as they give the room the extra punch it needs to pull it together. Place a few big pillows on your sofas or bed to achieve a clean look. Avoid a jumble of small pillows as they can seem too overwhelming. Moreover, use tightly woven fabrics with big geometric patterns to give the room the extra punch it needs to pull it together. Choose the color that complements the piece of art that’s in the room.

For a traditional look

Place several large pillows on either side of the couch to create a sense of symmetry and order. Choose square pillows of 20 to 22 inches and match them with a smaller circle or square pillows for a visually pleasing effect. Keep the room lively by using various textures, colors, and patterns.