Every girl wants to look and feel beautiful, dressing tables that help girls and women beautify themselves is a luxury at home. Don’t you just loathe at drying your hair sitting on the floor in front of a mirror by the wall, putting your makeup either kneeling (so you can get a better look at the mirror) or crouching down (because you’re in a rush) by your mirror on the wall? Get a dressing table.

What is a dressing table? | Why is it called a vanity table? | Where to place a dressing table in the house?

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What is a dressing table?

Very few pieces of furniture have revealed more about leisure pursuits, popular taste and changing social customs than the dressing table. Dressing tables came to epitomize the modern concept of glamour and luxury.

Only the wealthy rich people have time and money to pamper themselves back then. In a more modern sense, dressing tables evolved to help bleary-eyed folks wake up and face the day. Whether you are applying makeup, picking out jewellery or just blow-drying your locks, a dressing table is an ideal perch to primp and get ready to go.

Blend your dressing table into your room

Dressing tables possess an old-fashioned elegance all of their own, even if it is placed or redesigned into a modern design, it will just set hearts flutter and invite a chic and contemporary interior. Dressing tables are not only a place to help you look good but they can also be prized pieces of furniture. Here is how you can blend your dressing table into your room.

Double it up as a bedside table

Even small bedrooms can work in a dressing table with a touch of clever planning. Set it right next to the bed, then you can use it as a bedside table as well. Place your bedside lamp by the dressing table and if the table is too small for a freestanding vanity mirror, simply hang one on the wall instead.

Work it as a desk

synergise between a hard-working desk and a dressing table, get one with a sturdy surface and adequate space for stashing your bits, plus a comfortable chair for grafting, relaxing or simply pampering. Pick a classic style that will enable both tasks.

Use it as extra storage

use your dressing table smartly as a second wardrobe combo. Store all your make-up, skincare products, toiletries, hair products, perfume, hair accessories even your hand care essentials in all the separate compartments. If you can modify it, add even more drawers so you can have even more space to store stuff. A well-organised dressing table will not only look nice but help organise clutter, so you can find whatever you need in a place.

Why is it called a vanity table?

What we now refer to as a vanity table was originally referred to as a "toilet table." Thomas Chippendale (a renowned London cabinetmaker) is recorded as creating a "toylet table" in 1762. Over the next century, the term became popularised as "dressing table" and then "vanity table."

Throughout its history, the vanity table has been called many things, including toilet table, dressing stand, dressing table, and vanity. Dressing tables in the early days had a folding top, a cistern, and a basin drawer for light bathing and cosmetic removal.

Their widespread use was usually limited to society's elite. Vanity tables were popular with both men and women. Men kept hair powders, razors, oils, and combs in dressing drawers, while women kept cosmetics, perfumes, jewellery, and hair accessories in them.

What is the difference between a vanity and a dressing table?

A vanity table can also refer as a dressing table. It features a table for storing your hygiene and skincare essentials, a drawer for storing your valuables, and an easily accessible mirror. A dressing table is basically a hybrid of everything you want in a piece of furniture.

Where to place a dressing table in the house?

One of the most common locations for a dressing table is next to your bed; this is especially true for those who lack additional space for antique french style chests, contemporary tallboys, or whatever else you're using to add style and functionality to your personal haven.

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