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Beko Singapore – Simple Guide to Choose Your Own Smart Refrigerator

Nowadays, the refrigerators have been viewed as essential items that you must have in your own house or office. In fact, they are increasingly important since our lives have been busier like never before. Despite the wonder and power of technology, we still need to get an appliance that enables you to prepare and store our food and drink conveniently.

Yet, getting your own refrigerator can be tricky these days as there are tons of different brands and manufacturers in the market. Not just that, it is also a daunting challenge because you now have refrigerators that have highly advanced features that can make the real difference. Thankfully, we now have a simple guide that will aid you in your quest of choosing your own smart refrigerator. As you will be thrilled to find out later, Beko boasts some of the finest refrigerators in its arsenal.

Right Space & Size for the Right Place

Obviously, the most important thing that you should consider when choosing your own refrigerator is its size. Most people often make the mistake of finding whatever space that they have and get a refrigerator which can fit the allocated space. However, the height, depth and width are just the beginning since you must consider other equally important factors such as the clearance that you should expect to accommodate the door hinge, cleaning, ventilation and door opening space. At the same time, you should also measure and assess the whole route that it takes for your refrigerator to be placed in your designated area. After all, you have to make sure that you can bring the refrigerator to your place even if it can fit in the first place.

As for other spaces that the refrigerator needs, you need to make sure that there is enough space for the refrigerator's door to open effectively. In fact, you should pay particular attention when you have a narrow kitchen space. Moreover, some refrigerators may need their doors to be completely open so that you can pull out its drawers or shelves. In addition, you should ensure that the refrigerator's door does not hit cupboards, appliances, counters or the islands in the kitchen. What about the hinge? Ideally, you should need at least 2 inches of extra space so that the hinge can work properly.


Regarding ventilation, it is one of the most common things that people forgot when planning for their refrigerators in the kitchen. This is because poor ventilation will cause your refrigerator to use extra energy to a point that it can harm its own motor or compressor. It is highly recommended for you to have at least 1 inch of extra space above and behind your refrigerator. Otherwise, you will regret that you do not provide better ventilation space for your refrigerator.

Talking about the size of the refrigerator that you should be getting, you have to consider the number of people that will be using it. Besides, you need to check and estimate the growing size of your family, occupants or staff so that your refrigerator can accommodate their needs. Another important question is whether you cook and prepare frequently. If yes, you definitely need extra space to store them. Whether it is your home or office, the shopping habit is another aspect that you should pay attention to. If you prefer to store frozen food, you should check out the refrigerator that contains larger space of the freezer compartment.

Design & Style

Side-by-side Style

Unsurprisingly, this refrigerator style has been said to be one of the most popular styles in the market because it actually boasts both freezer and refrigerator compartment in equal size. Basically, you can enjoy the benefit of having a larger freezer compartment since other refrigerator styles usually have a smaller freezer compartment. If you are interested to purchase this style, it is highly recommended for you to pick the one that contains adjustable shelves so that you can enjoy the most optimal flexibility. Moreover, the side-by-side style is perfectly suitable when you have a narrow or galley style kitchen.

French Door

Unsurprisingly, this style has been aptly named because it is truly elegant and stylish. Generally, the French door style is defined with its combination of side-by-side and bottom freezer compartment. Not just that, it comes with a huge selection of varieties that can suit your preference. Furthermore, the French door also comes in 3, 4 or 5 door configurations. Amazingly, the French door style usually offers ice and water dispensers. Aside from fitting nicely with your minimal kitchen interior, it is amazing that the French door style certainly boasts richer designs that offer fresh perspectives.


Obviously, this particular style has been designed specifically with its entire space for full refrigeration as opposed to other refrigerator styles in the market. Ideally, you will choose this style if you do not need a freezer or you have another dedicated freezer in the kitchen. Furthermore, you will find this refrigerator style to be handy if you have the tendency to store a large amount of fresh food.

Key Features & Innovations

Since you will be using your refrigerator for a long time, you should expect to get the one that suits your taste and expectations. After all, you have to face it for years to come. This is where certain key features and innovations can make the real difference as they have a huge impact on your lifestyle. As an example, some refrigerator models have been designed exclusively to take care of organization woes by providing a variety of adjustable shelves and bins.

For those that enjoy the digital lifestyle, you can always get the new refrigerators that come with WiFi display and other apps. Most importantly, it is highly recommended for you to get the one which supports energy efficiency by consuming less power. Check out Beko refrigerators because they have some of the finest models that can suit your needs.