Embrace the sun, the sand, and the waves with the hottest bikinis from Billabong Malaysia. Known for their sports and activewear, Billabong gives you a new reason to enjoy the beach! Know more about Billabong bikinis in Singapore and learn how to pick the perfect one for your body type.


Have Fun Under the Sun with Billabong Bikinis

Born from surfing, Billabong Singapore is one of the most popular sports and outdoor apparel brands today. Aside from surfing, the brand is also popular in skateboarding, BMX, and even snowboarding. Established by Gordon Merchant in Australia, he designed the first board shorts in the 70s and gained worldwide success. The name "billabong" is a term that describes a small body of water from a dried up river. Aside from wetsuits, rashguards, and boardshorts, Billabong is also known for their own line of swimwear such as bikinis.

What is a bikini?

Otherwise known as a two-piece, a bikini is a type of swimwear which consists of a top and a bottom similar to a bra and panty. Bikinis come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you're plus-sized or skinny, you will be able to pull off the perfect summer look with the right type of bikini. When it comes to bikinis, you can trust only Billabong Singapore.

Reasons to Love Billabong

Top quality and stylish

What most beach-lovers love about Billabong clothing is its durable yet stylish quality. The water and the waves can have a terrible impact towards fabric which hastens deterioration. To cater to surfers and extreme sports enthusiasts, the brand creates enduring materials on their swimwear and apparel.

Worn by the pros

Aside from the brand's own surf team, many skateboarders are also wearing Billabong such as Tyler Pacheco, and team rider Marius Syvanen. Professional snowboarder Jessa Blasman and Jamie Anderson are also part of the Billabong team.

Worn by celebrities

If the pros are wearing Billabong, so are celebrities! Popstar Ariana Grande has been spotted wearing a Billabong Sun your Bunz crop top while Jennifer Anniston has been seen wearing a Billabong Dreamy Skies dress as well as Zach Efron and Kirsten Stewart.

How to choose a Billabong Bikini

Determine your shape

When choosing a Billabong bikini, the first thing you need to do is determine your body type. If you're athletic, emphasize your frame by making your hips and busts bigger. For women with apple-shaped body type, choose a bottom that makes your hips look bigger. If you have a pear-shaped body, you need to make your hips look smaller and your busts bigger. For hourglass body types, you can pull off any look but emphasize your waist and make them smaller.

Coordinate your top and bottom

If you are buying two separate Billabong bikinis, then you need to coordinate both your top and bottom. Choose a bold or eye-catching pattern for parts you want to emphasize. For example, if you want to enhance your busts, wear a blue top and pair it with a black bottom. You can also coordinate by color using monochrome colors.

Wear with confidence!

While a bikini may sound intimidating, if you're going to wear one at the beach, be confident and show off what you got!

A brand trusted by pros, Billabong always takes comfort and style into account when it comes to designing their apparel. Browse for the hottest Billabong products in Singapore at iPrice!

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