Supplement your fitness with the optimal fitness beverage bottles from Blender Bottle Singapore. Find out how you can choose the ultimate Blender Bottle here.

Blender Bottle Kitchen & Dining

What you Need to Know about Blender Bottle Singapore

Are you a fitness junkie? Do you love the gym? If you answered yes to these questions, then you know that gym gear is not complete without a shaker bottle. One brand of shaker bottles is particularly popular throughout the world thanks to its revolutionary technology – Blender Bottle. Blender Bottle features easy-to-use shaker bottles and supplements systems that you can find here in Singapore. The best way to shop for Blender Bottle is to check out the vast selection online. Find out more on how you can complement your fitness lifestyle with Blender Bottle Singapore.

The science behind Blender Bottle

In the world of fitness, new technologies and breakthroughs are formed every day. Therefore, we tend to gravitate towards fitness brands that have stayed in the market over a long period of time. The same can be said about Blender Bottle. The brand that caters to active individuals who prioritize a healthy diet over the average eating habits, is here with creative bottle technology.

Blender Bottle is known for its classic BlenderBall technology. The BlenderBall is basically a modified whisk ball. For those unfamiliar with what a whisk ball or wire whisk is, it is spherical wire contraption that fits into your gym bottle.

The purpose of the BlenderBall is to give an even mix to the protein powder that is included in your protein shake. This ensures that your shakes are never lumpy, but smooth. No more will you have grainy, clumpy mix in your beverages. Simply insert the BlenderBall into your Blender Bottle before adding the pre-workout mix, and shake thoroughly after. The result is a pure, smooth shake that goes down easily.

Blender Bottle customization compliments your gym life

Blender Bottle’s product range is unique in that it offers a sweet spot for customization. We all love to customize our belongings and Blender Bottle gives us the means to do that. Each choice of Blender Bottle kitchen & dining is made to fit your gym routine preference. Here are some choices of Blender Bottle series you can look into:

  • Blender Bottle Classic
  • Blender Bottle Prostak
  • Blender Bottle SportMixer
  • Blender Bottle Pro45
  • Blender Bottle SportMixer Stainless
  • Blender Bottle Gostak

Start with these selections and add on Blender Bottle accessories for a holistic gym bottle.

How to choose your very own Blender Bottle

Now to the exciting part! It’s time to choose and customize your very own Blender Bottle. Here are some things to consider when looking for your Blender Bottle:


When choosing any gym bottle, firstly look for the size. If you intend to use only one bottle for your entire day, then we recommend that you get a larger sized one such as the Blender Bottle Classic (with loop) 28oz bottle. For those who want multiple bottles in a day, feel free to choose from the bigger selection.


You may think colour is something trivial. But it most definitely is not. Colour compliments our life more than we are aware of. Colour adds life and perspective to every aspect of our fitness. Choosing a bright Blender Bottle such as a green or yellow projects a cheerful, happy persona. A dark or red colour on the other hand, creates an aggressive feel. Choose your colour based on what your gym preferences are.


Most Blender Bottle series are made of high-performance, durable polypropylene. But you also have the choice of variants such as steel and glass bottles. If you want to see what you are drinking, go for clear bottles such as the Blender Bottle SportMixer bottles. If you want a bottle that is durable to withstand temperatures as well as impacts, go for a steel bottle such as the Blender Bottle SportMixer Stainless series.


Next, choose your add-ons. Add-ons include your BlenderBall whisk, straps, and insulated slings. Given the options, the BlenderBall and insulated sling are a must-have. The insulated sling allows you to keep your beverage at the optimal temperature while making it easy to transport around during your active day.

Easy recipes from Blender Bottle

Most of us gym rats have a favourite beverage that we tend to stick to. But a bit of variety in our fit lifestyle is needed. Thankfully, Blender Bottle has suggested a couple of recipes that not only cater to your lifestyle but add interesting flavours to your supplements. Here are some recipes you can check out online:

  • 'On the Run' Fruit Protein Shake – Berry, orange, or cranberries along with 1 serving of vanilla protein powder
  • Rise and Shine Protein Shake – Bananas, oranges, 1 serving egg white powder or vanilla whey protein powder, ¼ cup of greek yoghurt and 1tbsp of ground flaxseed
  • Pistachio Power Protein Shake – 3 tbspn of Pistachio pudding, 1 cup skim milk, 1 serving of vanilla protein powder

Try these delicious recipes for a wholesome start to your day!