Fashion trends are everchanging and you don't ever want to be that one left behind. With the clothes and accessories from Bossini Singapore, you can easily emulate all the latest fashion trends without breaking bank. Find out more below.

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4 Fashion Trends to Emulate with Clothes from Bossini Singapore

Bossini has its roots in Hong Kong and it has been offering high-quality, affordable clothing and accessories for 20-plus years. Bossini Singapore has a focus on casualwear for men, women, and children, comprising of timeless and classic pieces that can be easily styled. The brand also ensures that their clothing pieces are accessible for all to wear as seen in the 938 operating Bossini outlets.

Since Bossini offers basic yet chic clothes that are easy to pair, it won't be a hassle to style them according to the latest fashion trends. Below are 5 latest fashion trends that you can easily start adapting in your everyday Bossini wear.

The 80's is Back... Again

Fashion trends are always being recycled as you can see in the myriad of 80's trends that are resurfacing (again) in the recent years. From bold, statement fabrics to gender-defying silhouettes, incorporating 80's fashion trends in your everyday outfit will definitely turn heads.

Through Bossini clothing like their blazers, trousers, and a wide variety of tops, emulating the 80's trends can be a breeze. For instance, pair your simple white t-shirt with a pair of high-waisted denim Bossini jeans and hold them up with a black belt that has a bold buckle. Top it off with a blazer that features wide and broad shoulders, preferably black with vertical stripes. This padded-shoulder style is one of the quintessential trends from the era and through the help of Bossini Singapore, you can bring back the past eith the ultimate style.

Go Pantone

Every year, Pantone declares a color of the year and the fashion industry would quickly start a trend that revolves around that specific shade. For example, the Pantone color of 2018 is ultra violet, a purple shade akin to the one found in the cosmos. After the announcement, this shade of purple quickly made appearances in many clothing pieces from top fashion brands, including Bossini.

Bossini Singapore offers clothing pieces in a variety of colors, including yearly Pantone colors. If you want to follow the 2018 Pantone shade, you can opt for Bossini t-shirts or dresses in purple. Or you can even incorporate the Panton yearly colors through your accessories like socks, shoes, bags, scarves, or jewelries from Bossini.

Never Enough (Polka) Dots

If you think this pattern was only reserved for the 2000's, be prepared to be bombarded with polka dots because they're making a big comeback. Polka dots are also not only reserve for the young ones; they can be extremely classy and sophisticated when styled properly.

You can find polka dot patterns on blouses, shirts, and coats from the Bossini collection. These clothes are suitable to be worn to any kind of settings from workplace to a casual day out. Pair them with a pair of Bossini culottes, jeans, or khakis in a neutral, solid color to let the polka dot pattern stand out. Then, if you still need a pop of color, do so with your accessories or bags.

Checking In

Plaids or checks have always been one of the go-to patterns for casual or smart-wear. Due to its versatility and variations, plaids are coming back again following the return of the 80's fashionand also the late 90's grunge scene. There's an assumption that plaids are only good during the colder months, but many fashion houses have successfully incorporated tartans, checks, and plaids into their spring/summer collections.

You don’t have to invest in an expensive Burberry clothing or accessories to rock the plaid; Bossini Singapore has all the hottest checkered clothing pieces essential to your wardrobe. For instance, the Bossini Long Sleeve CheckTunic Shirt Jacket is an oversized button-up shirt for woman made with red checkered pattern. It can be paired with a simple Bossini t-shirt underneath, a pair of blue jeans, and simple sneakers for a casual yet fashion-forward ensemble.

The style inspiration is endless since Bossini Singapore carries a wide range of products to cater to all kinds of people. Now, with this Hong Kong brand, you don't have to worry about catching up with the latest fashion trends.

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