Ever wanted hair a la Japanese actress Yamada Yu, AKB48’s Takahashi Minami, and ex-TVXQ/JYJ member Kim Jaejoong? You don’t have to look far and wide because you can achieve beatufil hair like theirs with the help of Botanist hair products. Find out more about Botanist Singapore down below.

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Experience Japanese Nature with Products Botanist Singapore

The Japanese are known for many things and their love and respect for nature is one of them. Through brands like Botanist, you can now experience the wonderful natural resources right from your homes. Botanist Singapore was created in Osaka to rejuvenate your busy lifestyles with the natural ingredients found in their hair care and body care products.

Shampoos from Botanist Singapore

Perhaps the most popular range of products from Botanist Singapore is their shampoo collections. All made with natural ingredients, Botanist shampoos will eliminate all of your hair dilemmas from breakage, damaged, coarse hair, and unhealthy scalp. Current Botanist shampoos include the Botanist Shampoo: Moist for a shiny finish, Botanist Shampoo: Smooth for a keratin-smooth finish, and Botanist Scalp Shampoo. The ingredients that you can find in these shampoos are none other than apricot, jasmine, green apple, rose, and berries along with other highly-beneficial naturally-derived ingredients that can repair and restore your luscious locks.

Hair Treatments from Botanist Singapore

Sometimes shampoos alone are not enough to fix damaged hair. Worry not as Botanist Singapore also carries various hair treatment products to fully restore your hair. Similar to the shampoos, you can find treatments that will offer a moist and a keratin-smooth finish. Aside from there, you can also find a scalp treatment, a hair mask, hair oils, and hair milks.

The scalp treatment is meant to introduce a better circulation on your scalp for a more voluminous hair while the hair mask will keep your strands hydrated throughout the days. The hair oils and hair masks are akin to the treatments and shampoos, providing you with two different types of finishes. The Botanist Hair Oil is meant to restore natural glow by repairing the hair cuticles while the Botanist Hair Milk is responsible for eliminating frizz and heat protection.

Body Care Products from Botanist Singapore

Just because your hair is strong, glowing, and smooth, our bodies still need the same attention as the locks on our heads. Botanist Singapore has body care products that are made with the same natural ingredients as their shampoos and are able to improve the conditions of your skin. This product line has the Botanist Body Soap and the Botanist Body Milk in two different formulas: moist and light.

These body care products are made with 90% natural ingredients including cherry leaf, verbena, cucumber, butter milk, apple, bergamot, rice powder, peach, and jasmine which are all beneficial for the skin yet gentle enough to not cause any irritations.

Every Botanist shampoos and soaps are made carefully with your well-being in mind. They are made without silicone, paraben, or any artificial coloring, making them safe for those with sensitive scalp and skin.

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