Brandt describes themselves as one of France’s leading appliance because of its high-achieving innovations. Their appliances are top of the line, with technologies that respects both nature and man. Read more about Brandt Singapore products down below.


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Get cooking, keep clean, and stay cool with appliances from Brandt Singapore

A house is not complete without appliances. As one would say, home is where the heart is, so it’s crucial to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible. Brandt Singapore home appliances combine high technology and eco-friendly features, perfect for the modern household.

Brandt Singapore Buying Guide

Brandt’s top selling products, among others, are their washing machines, cooking appliances, and refrigerators. Brandt’s home equipment are made of glass, ceramic, and stainless steel while utilizing sensitive touch controls with LED on the easy to read displays. The ceramic slabs on their cooking hobs, for example, are manufactured using natural materials to provide great thermal conductivity without compromising energy consumption. These materials are labelled SRM or Secondary Raw Materials and were obtained from waste and rejected materials to optimize sustainability.

All of Brandt’s products have outstanding quality; it won awards like the Origine France Garantie (Guaranteed French Origin) by Pro France. This award recognizes brands whose products are all produced in France. It is an indication that Brandt Singapore is dedicated to preserving the highest French quality.

Buying Brandt Singapore home appliances will ensure the improvement of one’s quality of life. Why? They aspire to be helpful to the user with easy to use appliances. Imagine how easy it will be to cook, chill, and clean when the machines you use are top-notch and user-friendly.

Eat fresh produce anytime

Brandt produces three types of cooling appliances: refrigerators, freezers, and combination of both. Buyers can choose their coolers in the form of single door, double door, built-in or free-standing, with any dimensions they deem fitting for their kitchens. The cooling appliances also come in a range of colours like silver, stainless steel, mirror black and mirror red. With these endless possibilities, Brandt cooling products suit the needs of every customer.

They’re fridge and freezers use the No Frost Multiflow technology that prevents frost to form while the multi-flow ventilation system keeps the produce fresh for twice as long. The cooling products all include visual and audio alarms to indicate unsafe temperature settings and if the door is left open for too long. Besides the Super-Cool and Super-Freeze settings, there is the Holiday feature. It helps limit the energy consumption when the owners are away. Nevertheless, this feature keeps away any displeasing smells away from the food and drinks inside.

Make gourmet cooking extremely easy

Their ovens and cookers all have Class A energy efficiency rating and are designed to please the customers in terms of aesthetics and performance. They are made to be user-friendly, so cooking becomes less of a daily struggle and becomes an enjoyable task.

One of the prominent features that the ovens have is the Pyrolytic or Catalytic self-cleaning modes. The former cleans the appliance at high temperature in just 59 minutes and only uses 50% less energy. The latter, on the other hand, cleans the machine continuously, but it is recommended to those who occasionally cooks, as it has less power than the pyrolytic cleaning method. Combine with this method and the Assisted Cooking feature,

Brandt also offers a range of other smaller appliances like standing mixers, coffee machines, toasters, rice cookers, bakeware, and microwaves. The microwaves are especially great because of its Auto programme function. It allows users to automatically select to type and weight of food and the microwave will suggest the suitable cooking mode and time. They are also versatile; they can be used as a steam oven, a heating compartment, or to reheat food.

A spotless home is a happy home

With the right washing machine, doing laundry can be breezy. Brandt’s washing machines are space saving, large in capacity, reliable, and easy to operate. These machines are instilled with Brandt’s leading AquaBoost3 technology, which improves washing to be efficient and ergonomic. It can be loaded up to 8 kilograms. These machines can be either front loading or top loading, with the added advantage of its small size. At only 45cm wide, these machines will save the space in any household while maintaining its efficiency.

Clothes are not the only thing that needs to be kept clean. Brandt Singapore has a series of dishwashers that could ease the process of this daunting chore. Brandt’s dishwasher variants are free-standing and built-in washer, which must be installed into the kitchen counters. These machines have lower water consumption and it’s 20% more economical than other dishwashers from other leading brands. Brandt dishwashers have many settings depending on the kind of dishes or load. The settings are Cyclone, Optia 60 Minutes - 60°C, Normal, Auto, Eco, Fragile, and Soak. These settings will make sure the dishes are being cleaned throughout and no tough greases remain.

It is no doubt that Brandt is one of the leading French appliance brands from the features stated above. Buying Brandt product enhances one’s home and quality of life. Shop Brandt home appliances in Singapore here at iPrice.