The image of downtown London will definitely pop into our minds when we see or hear about this iconic British luxury brand, Burberry. From shoes, bags, clothing to accessories, Burberry has everything you need for an all-out luxury shopping spree. Get your very own piece of London luxury through Burberry Singapore below.

Is Burberry Made in the USA? | Why is Burberry so expensive?


Why Burberry Singapore is the Best Luxury Brand Out There

From fashion, skincare to lifestyle, Burberry gives you more than a name but top-notch quality and everlasting style that you can't get from other brands. Since 1856, the brand has been revolutionising the fashion industry one catwalk at a time. Below are reasons why Burberry is the best luxury brand you can ever have in your collection.

Burberry Coats Are to Die For

For any fashionista, a Burberry trench coat is everything! You may want a Chanel purse or red-bottom heels but nothing beats a good ol' Burberry trench coat to keep you fabulously warm during winter. Combining classic style and contemporary elements, a Burberry trench coat is a must-have for fashionable men and women who want to keep themselves warm in the cold climate.

Burberry is Classic and Timeless

Trends do come and go but with Burberry, each style just gets better and better. With heavy influences from the vintage 50s to the 70s, their creations have become timeless classic and have continued on with every runway show they put out. Burberry's fashion is not trendy nor flashy but simple, wearable, and timeless.

Because it's Riccardo Tisci

Burberry is the brand that, while it continues to embrace innovation and tides of change, will always maintain its essence of being a truly classic British fashion brand. Riccardo Tisci, the new Creative Chief of Burberry, has been creating new fashion trends leading the industry across borders with new collections that are elegant and fashionable for all occasions regardless of the time change. Tisci was formerly the creative director of Givenchy for over a decade before leaving in February 2017. As lauded by the CEO of Burberry Marco Gobbetti, “Riccardo is one of the most talented designers of our time”.

They Created Gabardine

Thomas Burberry created a new durable and water-resistant fabric called gabardine in 1879, which is a breathable fabric made using an innovative process whereby the yarn was waterproofed before its weaving process. Gabardine became a popular choice for outerwear as compared with the heavy rubberised Mackintosh fabric in the market at that time as it was much lighter and more comfortable.

Burberry for Women

The Burberry women's collection has a wide range of ready-to-wear items from trench coats, jackets, knitwear, bags, accessories, shoes, and make-up products. The best-selling products under women's collections are the luxury Burberry bags. Burberry offers a multitude of designs and colours for its bags. Hence, if you wish to purchase Burberry bags, you can view the collection on Burberry Singapore online store.

Burberry for Children

Just like the collection for men and women, Burberry Singapore offers a series of fashionable pieces for children. Ranging from clothing, accessories, bags to gifts like teddy bears, you can purchase luxury gifts for your own children on special occasions. Burberry also offers clothing for children as young as 1 month to 18 months old.

Burberry Home

Aside from fashion apparel, Burberry Singapore also provides home decors for its consumers. The home decors offered by Burberry are teddy bears, candles, mementos, mirrors, desk accessories, and others. There are a variety of teddy bear designs provided by Burberry which can be purchased as home gifts. The teddy bears are perfect for occasions like Valentine's day and any birthday celebrations. These teddy bears will surely be the best gifts for young children and women. For housewarming parties, they are also perfect home gifts that brighten up any atmosphere.

Is Burberry Made in the USA?

Despite being headquartered in the UK, Burberry produces its items in several countries including Poland, Romania, India, Spain, Italy, China, and the US. Burberry suits sold in the US are made in the US by local suit makers.

Is real Burberry made in China?

Burberry has factories in China that produce fashion goods, especially smaller bags and accessories. Not only do they have manufacturing plants in other countries, but they also outsource local clothing or bag makers from different regions to produce items for them. Despite that, you’ll see the Burberry London logo stamped or printed on the product as one of the indications for authenticity.

Why is Burberry so expensive?

Like many luxury brands with a long history, Burberry is known for its craftsmanship and iconic evolution of its trademark goods. The brand is also often affiliated with celebrities and high-profile individuals, making it more marketable to the affluent community. Not only that, Burberry only incorporates luxury fabric into most of their products, most notably their scarves that are made of cashmere and woven in Scotland.

Consumers are willing to pay for the intricate details and premium material that stand the test of time. Moreover, considering the cost of advertisement, machinery, and skilled labours they invest in, it’s no wonder why Burberry products are deemed exclusive and lavish.

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