While Burberry may be known for their trench coats, their array of handbags are just as popular and a hit among women (and sometimes men) of all ages! So scroll down to take a look at Burberry’s fashion collections below.

Does Burberry ever have a sale?


Burberry Bag Singapore: I Scream, You Scream, We Scream for Burberry Handbags!

Burberry Singapore: High Fashion Icon

Burberry is an iconic luxury brand that was born in 1856. Among its contributions to the history of fashion is the trench coat, a coat developed in the First World War for army officers. While the brand is known for its trench coats, its array of bags can cause quite a craze among women (and sometimes even men!). Instead of looking at the various bags that Burberry has to offer, we are going to narrow our focus to (almost) every woman’s favourite fashion item: handbags.

Burberry Singapore: Versatile Designer Bags

Burberry’s simple, elegant style is catered more to an audience that is matured, sophisticated and very wealthy. This style can be seen firmly incorporated into their handbags that are made from the best materials that money can buy. While it is common (and loved by many women) for most brands to offer leather-made luxury handbags, Burberry does offer some of their handbags made from their signature design that sets the handbags apart from other branded handbags.

Burberry’s Signature Plaid Exudes Elegance

Burberry’s Iconic Tartan, The House Check, Burberry’s Plaid. These are the many names that have been given to Burberry’s signature design that is nearly as old as Burberry’s trench coats. A plaid pattern of black, red, white, and camel, this design was first featured in the hem of the lining of Burberry’s famous trench coats. The simple-yet-unique design became so popular among its customers that Burberry soon used the designs on other fashion products. To this day, the plaid design is one of the ways to distinguish Burberry’s products from other branded products in the market.

Popular Burberry Handbags

While we can continue raving about this really awesome design (and Burberry’s handbags that feature it!), we decide to give other Burberry handbags an equal chance of exposure. Below is a list of Burberry handbags (plaid, leather, or whatever else they are made from) that we feel looks just too awesome to be ignored!

  • London Check Tote Bag: A simple London checked bag for men that is available in either Navy/Black or Black/Chocolate. This bag is versatile and is the perfect size to carry all your valuable essentials.
  • Tie-Dye Print Horseferry Check and Leather Clutch Bag: A clutch bag that features a floral tie-dye print on Burberry’s signature print design. The tie-dye print is available in 3 colour schemes that make the bag look unique, trendy, and eye-catching.
  • Large Saddle Bag in Grainy Leather and Bonded Suede: A luxurious saddle bag that is simple in design with utilitarian details. It is available in 3 solid colours.

Does Burberry ever have a sale?

While Burberry sale is not predictable, one can always expect a seasonal or year-end sale from the luxury brand where its goods are offered at a fraction of their original price. The good news is, you may not have to wait for Burberry sale to get their products at a discount.

Shop at online high-end fashion sites such as Farfetch, YOOX, and Net-a-Porter to find Burberry’s new arrivals and permanent collections. By applying our promo codes, you will be able to enjoy some discounts on your Burberry pieces!

Burberry Bags Singapore: For All Your Feminine Desires

Shop our wide collections of Burberry bags including waist bags, bucket bags, travel bags, and shoulder bags, all of which would be great accessories for your wardrobe.

To complement your Burberry bags, accessories such as watches, bucket hats, hairbands, belts, and cashmere scarves will make your ensemble more complete. Check out our diverse collection of Burberry accessories here at iPrice Singapore!

If you think these designs are too simple for your taste, then have a look at Carlo Rino or Kate Spade for handbag styles that are bolder and flashier.

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