When we look for premium fashion we look for a brand that can complete our entire wardrobe. Enter Calvin Klein – the immensely popular brand that is the number one choice of Hollywood celebrities. Find out how you too can customize your wardrobe with Calvin Klein here.


Dress your entire wardrobe with these fashion trends from Calvin Klein

Fashion in is headed by biggest names in the world. Among those names, one name comes with everything you need – Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein has, for years, made a significant impact on the fashion-savvy especially in Singapore. Whether it is their provocative advertisements, variety of celebrity endorsements, or prestige in the name, the brand has brought elegance up a notch. Abbreviated as CK, Calvin Klein pushes its boundaries in bringing quality products for both men and women. There is no denying that CK is a brand of great choice. In fact, CK’s line-up expands to all categories of fashion trends that you can dress your entire wardrobe.

Let’s look at how you can dress up with everything from Calvin Klein

Unlock your olfactory senses with Calvin Klein perfumes

Pheromones are the most alluring scents a human body produces. Used to attract mates, scent can bring us to heights of seduction like no other scent can. Calvin Klein perfumes unlock your potential to reach a sexiness that transcends emotion. Among the sensual seduction CK’s line-up bring are these best series:

  • CK One
  • CK Red
  • CK2
  • CK Euphoria
  • CK Be
  • CK Escape
  • CK Encounter

CK One

When we think of perfumes we think 2 sets of perfumes for different genders. Calvin Klein surpasses the gender gap by creating CK One – the ultimate unisex perfume. CK One’s combination of citrus-like scent along with a subtle musk of pure scented oils makes it perfect for both men and women. CK One creates the ideal selection for couples living together. Feel the connection with each other with the combination of your natural scents.

Stretch your legs with Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein is not particularly known for its line-up of jeans. Thankfully, CK jeans are top-of-the-line in fashion. Crafting jeans from a combination of synthetic and natural fibres, CK creates jeans that are tailor-made to suit your figure. Slim-fit yet stretchable, CK jeans are functional and stylish enough to be worn anywhere and everywhere. You also get a choice of colours along with styles such as skinny fit. CK jeans can be easily paired with CK shoes along with a whiff of CK perfumes for a casual night out with your buddies or for summertime fashion. Prepare your entire ensemble for any day out by starting off with CK jeans.

Slip on some seductive Calvin Klein underwear

Underwear does not get any sexier than Calvin Klein’s sets of panties, boxers, thongs, briefs, boxer briefs, and bras. “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins” the famous tagline used in almost every CK underwear advertisement has spawned a following of not only celebrities but brand-conscious fashionistas all over the world.

The effect of wearing CK underwear is seen in the wearer’s confidence. You can easily take your clothes off without feeling insecure if you have your Calvin Klein undies on. Particularly sexy when making out, Calvins (as they’re called) capture attention and bring out the raw pleasure and emotion of being nearly nude. Made from a variety of materials that bring out comfort as a priority, Calvin Klein underwear can be worn as your daily underwear. Ladies, take a look at Calvin Klein panties and bras. Gentlemen, go for Calvin Klein briefs or boxer briefs as a start.

Be a moment in time with CK watches

Classy watches say a lot about the person wearing them. Among the top range of classy watches comes Calvin Klein watch line-up. Presenting the most beautiful and intricately-crafted handpieces that last for generations, CK watches exude elegance and superiority over other brands. Whether you’re looking for leather-strap CK watches or silver/gold/rose gold plated watches, you have plenty of variety. Pair these watches with any of CK’s ensemble mentioned above and you get the perfect styling for your everyday wear.

Complete your ensemble with Calvin Klein accessories & bags

Accessory and jewellery varieties brought to you by Calvin Klein in Singapore is immensely diverse. Customized to make your appearance subtly elegant, each piece caters to your style. To complete your appearance, a collection of bags from Calvin Klein can be an option. One underrated category of Calvin Klein products is its bag line. The bowling bag series offers premium protection for all your valuables. In addition, the design stylish design along with functionality make the bag suitable for those who love fashionable products.

Now to add the icing on the cake. Pick out your favourite style of sunglasses from Calvin Klein’s sunglasses range and you could on your way to looking suave and sexy. Much like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, whip out your CK aviators along with that picture-perfect smile for that celebrity look. All in all, Calvin Klein is the perfect go-to brand for all your fashion trends. Check out the products above for more choices.