As a true master of modern fashion, Calvin Klein is a name that is often associated with stylishness and quality. Read more about Calvin Klein underwear in Singapore below to find out.


Calvin Klein Underwear in Singapore – Getting the Original Sexy

Presenting the latest contemporary designs that are modern and sophisticated, Calvin Klein is the name that is associated with elegance, minimal and inspiration. In short, Calvin Klein is here to offer sensual and seductive trends that will transform the fashion world forever. As one of the most leading fashion brands in the market, Calvin Klein seeks to thrill and thrive on your senses since its designs have been seen as popular pieces that grace the likes of famous fashion publications. Unsurprisingly, its amazing selection of apparel is simply awe-inspiring when they are able to exude your sophisticated vibe effortlessly. When it comes to underwear, everyone agrees that Calvin Klein’s underwear designs are truly gorgeous pieces.

Rediscover Your Style

In the realm of fashion, there are just too many different designs and styles available for your own liking. Not just that, it can be very difficult to get the one that suits you perfectly. Furthermore, many of these styles prove to be either too simple or gaudy at the same time. Indeed, you will be spoilt for choices since you are not sure of choosing the one that matches your taste. The same can be said even for the selection of your underwear!

Renowned for its provocative styles, Calvin Klein Singapore takes one step further when it comes to designing its own underwear. As a result, the Calvin Klein underwear collection is said to be revolutionary in its design and style. Exuding the modern sensual appeal, the Calvin Klein underwear will show your wild side in a more sophisticated appeal!

A New You for Better Tomorrow

Undeniably, the underwear is actually one of the most important items in our wardrobe. Since it is so close to our skin, comfortable underwear will definitely make A real difference in making your day awesome! Needless to say, the Calvin Klein underwear collection has been designed to make you feel comfortable while channelling your sexiness effortlessly. Once you feel the unique level of comfort that is found in its design, you will be thrilled for the rest of the day. Aside from looking gorgeous with your underwear when indulging in your own private moments, the Calvin Klein underwear collection will help to prepare you for the coming day with great expectations.

Life-Changing Moments with Calvin Klein Underwear in Singapore

Whether you are a man or woman, all of you deserve well-designed underwear! From simple brief to the sexy lingerie designs, Calvin Klein proves that it is the true master of merging modern design with your sexy personality. Exhibiting some of the finest lingerie designs in the market, the Calvin Klein lingerie collection is truly gorgeous. Take a look at the price range of Calvin Klein underwear below.

What is the price of Calvin Klein underwear?

Calvin Klein Underwear Singapore Price List

CK Underwear



Calvin Klein Logo-Print Briefs Set of 3

S$ 87.85


Calvin Klein Trunks 2 Pack - Underwear

S$ 79.00


Calvin Klein CK One Bikini Panty - Underwear for Women

S$ 28.90


Calvin Klein Branded HEM Briefs

S$ 107.38


Calvin Klein Two Pack Checked Cotton Poplin Boxer Briefs

S$ 61.36


Calvin Klein Two Pack Cotton Boxer Briefs in Black

S$ 52.60


Calvin Klein CK One Cotton Unlined Bralette

S$ 39.05


Calvin Klein Repeat Logo Bra - Performance

S$ 79.00


Which Calvin Klein underwear is the best?

For men, the Steel Micro Low Rise Trunks are the best Calvin Klein underwear as they maintain their shape and colour even after going through multiple washes. Their fabric is so smooth and comfortable that you might forget their presence on your body. As for women, the 3 Pack Carousel Bikini Panty would be the best choice for their lastingness, softness, and high breathability. This set of underwear is made of 90% cotton and 10% Elastane, while the waistbands provide a good fit without tightening your hips.