From Marilyn Monroe to Kylie Jenner, Cartier symbolizes luxurious elegance no other brands can achieve. Since its conception in 1847, Cartier has released numerous collections that easily became fan-favourites. Learn more about the iconic collections including jewellery, watches, and perfumes, crafted by Cartier Singapore below.

How much is Cartier bangle in Singapore? | How much does a Cartier ring cost? | How much is a Cartier watch?


Cartier Singapore: The Most Popular Collections You Should Get Your Hands On

When you hear the word Cartier, the first thing that comes to mind would probably be the lyric to Marilyn Monroe’s famous rendition of “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. Although the brand is known for its diamond jewellery pieces, Cartier offers a lot more than just that. From watches to perfumes, Cartier will deliver luxury through all of its products.

Jewellery Collection

The most popular items from Cartier come in the form of jewellery. Many flock to their nearest Cartier boutique to procure at least one of the many iconic pieces. These three collections are just some of Cartier’s many jewellery series.


Undoubtedly the most common and widely popular collection to date, the Cartier LOVE collection can be found adorning every neck, wrist, and finger of the higher-class. The LOVE collection is described as a child of 1970s New York; it is an iconic symbol of love that transcends convention. The jewellery pieces are a symbol of love and everlasting commitment because they can only be taken off using a special screwdriver. You can choose if you want to embellish your LOVE jewellery pieces with diamonds, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum.

Panthère de Cartier

For the brand, the panther is a timeless icon that merges elegance with a predatory fierceness. Introduced in the 1980s, it was brought back in the mid-2010. The Panthère de Cartier collection includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches. This collection also offers a wristwatch for women in various colours and finishes. You can also get a Panthère de Cartier perfume to bring the fierceness of the panther on you everywhere you go.

Juste un Clou

The ordinary becomes precious with the Juste un Clou collection. The pieces in the Juste un Clou collection resemble a nail that has been twisted and rounded. It was first designed in New York in the 1970s to reflect the wild, freewheeling era. The Juste un Clou jewellery symbolizes boldness, modernity, and the innovative new generation. This collection consists of bracelets, necklaces, and rings, all resembling a rounded nail.

Timepiece Collection

Cartier watches are high-quality Swiss-made timepieces that combine functionality with luxurious fashion. Among the men and women watches, these two collections stood out to be the best watch series ever since the conception of the brand in the 1800s.

Santos de Cartier

The Santos de Cartier collection roughly translates to the Saints of Cartier and if you consider the history behind this iconic watch, this translation shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Cartier Santos watch was the first timepiece that was ever produced by the brand. Louis-François Cartier collaborated with pioneer aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont, to replace the unreliable and impractical pocket watch that’s unsuitable for flying.


The Tank women and men watches were first manufactured in 1917. Louis-François Cartier was inspired by the newly introduced tanks on the Western battlefront. Since then, there are over thirty varieties of Tank watches produced. The most distinctive features of a Tank watch are the bold Roman numeral dial with a chemin de fer chapter ring, sword-shaped blued-steel hands, and a sapphire cabochon surmounted crown.

Perfume Collection

Cartier has released more than six perfumes to date. Available for men and women, the company collaborated with top perfumers in France and all around the world to deliver the best calibre of fragrance.

  • Must de Cartier – Must de Cartier is the first line of fragrance the brand ever created. It contains an incomparable freshness masked in an oriental fragrance coupled with the green note of galbanum.
  • Déclaration – Even though the Déclaration by Cartier was created for men, women can also enjoy its lush floral and woody notes. It contains birchwood, bergamot, cardamom, cedarwood, and oakmoss.
  • L’Envol de Cartier – L’Envol was launched in 2016, using the formula created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent. The notes for the L’Envol are musk, gaiac wood, and honey.
  • Pasha – Another one of Cartier’s classic perfumes for men, the Pasha was released in 1992 with the help of Alessandro Legovini. The Pasha contains notes of mint, lavender, patchouli, and sandalwood.

More Collections by Cartier Online

The brand offers an engagement collection for those who want to tie the knot in a memorable way. The engagement rings are divided into several types: Solitaire 1895, Cartier Destinée, Etincelle de Cartier, Cartier d’Amour, Trinity Ruban, Ballerina, and of course, the LOVE rings.

If you’re looking for more than just jewellery, watches, and perfumes, browse through their accessory collection. Cartier produces eyewear, bags, leather goods, and belts. Other fine goods are also available like writing instruments, cufflinks, scarves, key rings, money clips, and so much more.

All of Cartier’s collections are fit for royalties even if you don’t have a drop of blue blood in you. Get your Cartier must-haves now through iPrice where you can save a buck or two when purchasing your own luxury Cartier items.

How much is Cartier bangle in Singapore?

A Cartier bangle costs around S$6,312 and can go as high as S$56,814 in Singapore. Below is a price list of the most popular Cartier bangles:

Cartier Bangle Singapore



Cartier Love Pink Gold Bracelet

S$ 6,312.77

Vestiaire Collective

Cartier Pre-Owned Love Bracelet in 18K White Gold

S$ 8,641.20


Cartier Juste un Clou White Gold Bracelet

S$ 8,758.97

Vestiaire Collective

Cartier Trinity Gold Bracelet

S$ 15,466.29

Vestiaire Collective

Cartier Juste un Clou Pink Gold Bracelet

S$ 13,694.34

Vestiaire Collective

How much does a Cartier ring cost?

The price range of Cartier rings Singapore is between S$710 and S$55,237. Below is a price table of the most popular Cartier rings in the country:

Cartier Ring Singapore



Cartier Juste un Clou Gold Ring

S$ 1,753.87

Vestiaire Collective

Cartier Trinity Pink Gold Ring

S$ 993.25

Vestiaire Collective

Cartier Love Ladies 18K Rose Gold Diamond Ring

S$ 2,538.92


Cartier C Gold Ring

S$ 2,027.98

Vestiaire Collective

Cartier Silver Platinum Ring

S$ 2,649.79

Vestiaire Collective

How much is a Cartier watch?

A Cartier watch serves as an ideal gift for the time-keeper in your life. Besides telling time with precision, the watch is a status symbol that communicates your taste in fashion. Below is a table that comprises the price of popular Cartier watches in Singapore:

Cartier Watches Price Singapore 2020

Cartier Watch Singapore



Cartier 2015 Preowned Tank Française

S$ 14,901.11


Cartier 2010 Preowned Calibre DE 42mm

S$ 31,389.25


Cartier Santos De Blue Watch

S$ 8,856.44


Cartier Tortue Silver Flinque Dial Men’s Watch

S$ 27,433.00


Cartier Santos Dumont Skeleton Dial 18kt Rose Gold Men’s Watch

S$ 51,527.07


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