Back in the days when wrist watches were considered breakable items, an idea to create the ultimate tough watch was born. Using the ‘Triple 10’ development concept, the design team of G-SHOCK envisioned a watch that could endure 10-meter-free-fall, boast 10-bar water resistance, and stay functional for 10-years. To tell more than just the time, Casio G-Shock Singapore is the watch you'll only need to do everything else.

Casio G-Shock
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Casio G-Shock Singapore; even if your wrist breaks - it won't.

It started in 1983 where Kikuo Ibe, an engineer working for Casio, designed the very first watch under the G-SHOCK line—the Casio DW-5000C. Two hundred prototypes were dropped from rooftops and third-story windows to test their durability and toughness. With 10 layers of materials, including the shock resistant urethane rubber outer bumper that protects the steel watch case, along with the hardened mineral glass watch crystal, the stainless steel screwed down caseback, the ‘floating module’ concept, outer buttons, and LCD module, the Casio DW-5000C was the go-to watch for outdoor and rough recreational activities that would otherwise destroy any lesser watches.

The 1990s were the additional spark that ignited the popularity of the G-SHOCK line. With the release of the Baby-G models made specifically for the female users in 1991, by 1998, 19 million G-SHOCKs had been sold across the world. In the same year, it was the peak of demand for the watches as 200 new models were released.

G-Shock's features - This is how your watch survives and runs; and this is why you should own a G-Shock

  • "Triple 10" development concept: the watch must survive a 10 meter free-fall, 10-bar water resistance, and have a 10-year battery life - if this doesn't convince you, then read on!
  • Thick prominent bezels to avoid buttons and glass from touching onto flat surfaces, protecting them from direct impact-shocks. One of the most basic protective design points in every G-Shock watch.
  • Solar-powered that is able to convert even the weakest of light from our electrical lights into power for your watch - your watch can literally run forever... until the end of the world arrives, but I'm sure even by then your G-Shock watch would outlive a lot of other things.
  • Atomic Timekeeping: Your G-Shock self adjusts and receives time calibration signals which will then adjust the watches' time automatically. No more having to set your watch to a different time if you travel, your watch does it.
  • Miniature sensors that enhance your watch experience: a digital compass, an altimeter for altitude/barometric pressure, and temperature. These are highly sensitive sensors that can detect even sudden changes in the environment.
  • Triple-G Resist: A proprietary shock-absorption structure that protects the watches as well as repel stronger shocks and vibrations.
  • The tough watch movement in the body of a G-shock watch is made from a combination of technologies; the result of which is the solar-powered and radio-controlled (atomic timing/GPS) watch movement.
  • GPS capabilities of the watch enable it to track GPS satelites and give a real-time update of the time zone by current positioning and time data.

Uses of G-Shock Singapore watches - who would wear them?

Like it is marketed, G-Shock watches are targeted to those who are more into the outdoors and action orientated activities - no one would certainly want to wear their fancy-schmancy leather strap watch into the jungle and tumble down some rocks to just tell the time now, would they? So besides telling the time, what would anyone use a G-shock for?

Of course you do not need to be an adventurer or an outdoor sports person to actually use a G-Shock watch - you could very well be an everyday person who just wants a watch that you can wear without being so worried about it. You know the fear of having a nice watch and then you're walking and you accidentally bump the watch onto something? With a G-Shock, the other thing would break instead of your watch.

G-SHOCK is also most commonly used with mountaineers, firemen, paramedics, police officers, astronauts, film directors, people working offshore, and soldiers. It was mentioned in Mark Bowden’s Blackhawk Down film that DELTA Operators donned G-SHOCK watches during combat events. G-SHOCK watches are considered to be ‘battle-ready’ and are 'mil-spec' (military grade ready) as they are very popular with Special Forces in both American and NATO nation military units. These people - especially the first responders, need the very basics to tell the time in the heat of their jobs, and they want a watch that is virtually unbreakable no matter what.

Besides people who want the watch for its functional use, there are also the G-Shock collectors. These are collectors who collect G-Shock watches. As famous as G-Shock watches are, Casio has released a lot of different variants of the G-Shock watches, each different G-Shock watch has a variety of color combinations - and let us not forget the special editions and limited editions G-Shock watches: G-Shock Star Wars, or G-Shock Gundam, to name a few.

G-Shock Singapore’s tough ambassadors

Being marketed as a outdoors and sports watch most of the time, it is to no surprise that G-Shock’s tough watches have attracted a lot of interest from extreme sports athletes. Ranging from BMX riders to professional skateboarders to professional surfers, a lot of extreme sports athletes have endorsed G-Shock. Viki Gomez, Nigel Sylvester, Stevie Williams, Louie Vito, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Pedro Barros, Yadin Nicol, Teppei Tajima, Joel Centeio, and Gabe Kling are the few names that toughen the long list of athlete ambassadors for G-Shock.

G-Shock Singapore's awards

Casio celebrated its 30th Anniversary of G-SHOCK by developing a multi-platform awards property reflecting G-SHOCK’s core brand values. It is labelled as Casio G-SHOCK Spirit of Toughness Awards. The project spread through print, digital, and event media and they awarded and honourable mentioned new talents in fashion, music, sport, and art.

G-SHOCK collaborated with Sound-Awake to bring to the world the sixth edition of Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2015. The award session boasts a massive line up of metal acts as part of their long running gig series.

The respected and influential technology blog, ‘EFTM—Everything For The Man’ awarded the G-SHOCK GBX6900B the prestigious award of ‘Watch of the Year’ in 2014. The blog then added to mention that the GDX6900B is a ‘genuine smart-watch’.

The G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GPW-1000 won the Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice for Most Innovative Product, and the Reader’s Choice for Best Prosumer Compact Camera with the EXILIM EX-100.

On 13 April 2015, Casio was awarded the Best Cause-Related Marketing Activity of the Year for its support of the Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund (RAFBF).