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Casio Singapore: Tough and Functional Gadgets for a Surprisingly Good Value

Ever since the world's first electric compact calculator in 1957 was invented, Casio has been manufacturing quality and innovative products as well as creating better solutions. From calculators to musical instruments, you can see a stroke of genius that often shows up in all of its products.

Best-Selling Watches

From the rugged Casio G-Shock to the stylish Sheen, Casio has definitely covered all kinds of watches that people need. It is one of the brands that offers best-selling watches, one of which is the Casio G-Shock Watch DW-5600E-1V. This timepiece remains as one of the most sought-after Casio watches despite being decades old. Offering 200 meters of water resistance, this classic Casio design is also tough as well.

Impressive Collections

Aside from the DW-5600-1V, Casio has other impressive timepieces from other collections. The Baby-G line has the Traveler Series Watch that comes with remarkable features like alarm, backlight, and water/shock resistance. It also has a worldwide clock that displays the times in different time zones. There’s also the Pro Trek range that boasts its PRG-240-1JF - a timepiece that is integrated with triple sensors including a compass, a thermometer, and an altimeter-barometer. This makes it the ultimate watch for those who love the outdoors.

Top-of-the-range Cameras

Aside from watches, Casio is also a popular brand for digital cameras. With its Exilim series, Casio has transformed the market forever by introducing slimmer and thinner designs on its cameras. One of the best products in this line is the Casio EX-ZR3600. It comes with an improved photo sharing capability that automatically sends your pictures to your smartphone. What’s more, you can even send them via QR codes.

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Casio is the go-to brand for many people when it comes to watches. Whether you love to collect watches or just want to get a high-quality timepiece, get to know these different collections of Casio watches by clicking here.

Through new and improved Auto Transfer Mode, Geo-Location Tagging, One Time Share and more, photo-sharing has never been easier with Casio EXILIM EX-ZR3600.Key FeaturesThe  EX-ZR3600 has a 1/1.7-inch back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with a large surface that receives more light for crisper and clearer shots even during high-speed burst shooting or under dim lighting. The larger sensor also enablesthe EX-ZR3600 to capture subtle details and bring out facial feature definition with remarkable clarity.Topped with Casio’s original Make-up Mode Technology, users can enhance their complexion by adding a fresh glow to their skin with a tinge of rosiness on the cheeks or smoothen the skin according to their preferences.Seamlessly share your picture perfect moments with loved ones and on social media via the Auto Transfer Mode. Similar to its predecessor, the EX-ZR3600 utilizes Bluetooth Smart, the EXILIM Connect application1 as well as Scene2 to automatically transfer chosen files to a smart device.The improved Auto Transfer Mode gives users greater control over selecting the types of images or videos transferred to their smart device. Users can either manually select desired photos or adjust the camera’s Auto Transfer settings to intuitively recognise and automatically transfer only a specific type of image such as self-portraits.New modes of sharing picturesque moments with friends. Going one step further, the camera’s Highlight Movie and Highlight Photo functions intuitively create short videos and photo collages to creatively capture and package the day’s best moments.Using the Selfie Art mode, Selfie enthusiasts can now add five artistic effects to their self-portraits – “Elegant” for a natural light feel, “Foggy” for a softer ambience, “Fairy” to bring out feminine qualities, “Nostalgic” for a sentimental and wistful mood and “Vivid” that sharpens and brightens shots.After activating the new Selfie Timer mode in the camera settings, users can simply access the timer by pressing and holding on to the front shutter button to select from a choice of two to five second intervals.1EXILIM Connect application downloadable from Apple Store and Google Play2Developed and provided by Ripplex Inc. Read more

Different Collections of Casio Watches in Singapore


G-Shock watches are designed to be waterproof and come with a stopwatch feature. These features make them an ideal choice for sports-minded individuals and for people who enjoy the outdoors. Some exclusive models of G-Shock, like the DW-5600C, are NASA-qualified, meaning they can be used in space. What makes G-Shock one of the most sought-after collections is that they are integrated with a “triple 10” design. This means they have a 10-year battery life, a 10-bar water resistance, and a 10-meter free-fall endurance.


Baby-G is another line of G-Shock watches, designed for active women. Just like G-Shock, Baby-G watches come in either analog or digital format. They are often equipped with wire guards that not only serve as design accents but also add protection to the watch. Aside from that, they come with a range of features that include backlights, alarms, and timers. In addition, some variants are integrated with sensors that help determine changes in temperature or atmospheric pressure.


Edifice watches rely on light to keep them running, be it from the sun’s solar rays or artificial light in homes. Although they are not as sturdy and durable as G-Shock watches, edifice watches come with a hybrid mount construction. This guards the watch’s internal components against damages when dropped. Edifice watches also feature a stopwatch and a world clock that displays the current time of many different countries worldwide. Another impressive function of Edifice watches is their link up capability. This enables users to connect their smartphone to their Edifice watch using a Casio Watch+ app. The app allows wearers to update the time on their watch automatically wherever they are in the world. This cutting-edge feature makes the Edifice range one of the best watch collections of Casio.

Pro Trek

As its name suggests, Pro Trek is designed for trekkers and hikers. They are equipped with a compass that aids wearers when hiking in the wilderness. They are also integrated with a Bearing sensor that enables users to know their whereabouts on a map. Another feature that assists outdoor adventurers is the light switch that automatically activates after a flick of the wrist.


Casio’s Sheen line comprises of very stylish and elegant watches, designed for women. Sheen watches are analog and come with leather or stainless-steel straps. What makes them look sophisticated is the addition of Swarovski crystals and Roman numerals that create a classic look. That is why Sheen watches match up perfectly with an evening dress or other formal dresses.

Wave Ceptor

The Wave Ceptor range offers watches with impressive accuracy. This is made possible by the time signals from many different time services around the world. The Wave Ceptor collection includes watches from other Casio variants. For instance, the Casio G-Shock Wave Ceptor has the durability of a G-Shock watch and the accuracy of a Wave Ceptor timepiece. Since Wave Ceptor watches are integrated with a cutting-edge technology, they often come at a high price. If you have a limited budget, you may want to consider a cheaper timepiece from another collection.


This collection of impressive watches exhibits the watch-making expertise of Casio. Premium watches are made of top-of-the-line materials and sport incredible features. They are also very accurate and ultra-stylish. One of the best watches in the Premium range is the Casio G-Shock MT-G (Metal Twisted G-Shock). This watch is engineered to withstand even more than the regular G-Shock line. Plus, it has a sophisticated look that will sure receive compliments. The only downside of the Premium is that they are very expensive. However, this is already expected since any product with excellent quality often comes at a hefty price.

Affordable Price Range

Casio not only offers top-of-the-range watches but also affordable timepieces which include digital watches and quartz timepieces. Despite their affordability, the watches are sturdy and have the brand name that many people trust. These affordable watches are available in any Casio watch collection except for the Premium and Edifice lines. G-Shock and Baby-G are two of the collections that offer this affordable price range. Moreover, it’s important to keep in mind that the price does not always reflect quality. Just because the price is affordable does not mean that quality is, too. So, if you have a limited budget, then it’s best to go for an affordable Casio watch.