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The epitome of Japanese watch engineering, Casio Singapore is one of the most recognized watch brand today. Established in 1946 by Kashio Tadao, the brand first manufactured microscopic parts and gears. They became popular in 1957 for making personal calculators and in 1974, they created their first computerized watch called the Casiotron which displayed hours, minutes, and seconds. One special thing that made Casio watches special is that it could automaticaly determine the number of days within a month, which from back then, was a revolutionary feat. From that moment on, Casio has been revolutionizing the watch industry by incorporating new research in product and materials that would make Casio watches stronger, better and more accurate.

Reasons to love Casio Baby-G watches

Baby-G watches are offered in four kinds of categories, which are 200-meter water resistance, Limited Models, Standard Analog-Digital and Standard Digital. Casio Baby-G watches have a cool urban style which suits modern living. Easy on the eyes and available in so many colours, styles and design, this awesome watch is a must-have for everyone. Here are great reasons why you should get a Casio Baby G:

  • If you are the type to sport an active lifestye, then a Casio Baby-G is the perfect watch for you. It is a tough and durable watch made from the finest materials and excellent craftsmanship.
  • Another reason why you should get a Casio Baby-G is its fun and edgy style. Stand out among the rest with Casio’s awesome range of colors and designs which you can play around with your outfit.
  • Lastly, Casio Baby-G is worth the spend. With Casio’s long history of making digital watches, innovative features, and cool designs, the brand is a great buy, especially if you are looking for a go-to watch.

    Affordable Casio Baby-G watches

    If you are on a budget but you want to sport a Casio Baby G watch, then here are some great finds that you would love to check out.

    • Baby-G BLX102-7 (Price: $89)
    • Baby-G 131-4B (Price: $87)
    • Baby-G 169R-7A (Price: $83)
    • Baby-G A130-1BDR (Price: $65)

    Casio Baby-G - best girlfriend watch

    Endorsed by the popular South Korean girl group, Girls Generation, Casio Baby-G is a hit item for girls and women of all ages. As Casio Watches become a more prominent part in the fashion industry, having a durable and easy to wear watch collection has become part of every girl’s wardrobe. Casio Baby-G is definitely the brand to go for as its collections feature different colours. While black, dark blue and brown coloured watches will compliment any outfit, vibrant pink, yellow, orange and red watches will add fun and funk to any outfit. Meanwhile, purple, white and green watches will be the highlight of your whole outfit. So, have fun pairing Casio Baby-G watches with your outfits and be adventurous!

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