Casio watches are known of combining functionality style. Casio watches like G-shocks and BABY-G are famous in the world. Casio offers a wide selection of watches. Sport and dive watch with a unique of styles, for both men and women. From analog to digital, all comes with unique, stylish and modern outlooks. Collect the Casio Evolution Style; Check the Latest- Casio watches Singapore!


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Casio Watches Singapore

The Growth of Casio Watches

Since 1974, Casio always aimed to change the way people recognize watches. A good example is the changed they made on normal digital watch. Rather than restoring the undying analogue design to digital, Casio decided to add a date of week and designation features whether it is a.m. or p.m. But the famous feature of all is its ability to adapt leap years, so users will no longer have to adjust the date every February 28 to make the date accurate. This Casio model of watch is the root evolutions of watches. Casio watches offer a wide selection in their collection, so having one is a worth of investment. In addition, Casio features are not common on the section. As a matter of fact, in 1992 Casio model BP-100 is first ever digital watch that are able to measure blood pressure. That’s how Casio developed the line of wristwatches through the years, Casio added more features that are equipped with latest models. And as impressive as ever, Casio watches remain Supreme when it comes to design and durability.

Why choose Casio watches?

When it comes of advanced technology watches, Casio watches G-Shock range is excellent. Casio watches are innovative, colourful and tough, with a component of liveliness. Casio offers watches for men, women, girls, and boys.

The range of:

Casio G’Mix watches
which makes it possible to establish a connection with a phone via Blue tooth and control phone feature using Casio watches. With big rotating switch at 3 o’clock can be used to jump between songs, control music volume, or adjust sound with an equalizer function. With the song title search function, the touch of a button lets you look up the title of a song playing in your location and display it on the watch. You can even use the watch to produce a variety of different sound effects on your phone.
Casio G-Shock models are built using MT-G's original Core Guard Construction and Triple G Resist.
Hybrid time setting system combined with the hybrid resin-and-metal hybrid design made more advanced, choice of four different patterns, inspired by sand, snow, night time, and jungle conditions. The black parts of the case and band have a diamond-like carbon finish, while the face, buttons, and crown have a gold ion plated finish.
Casio Baby-G watches make the perfect option for dynamic women!
A perfect multi-dimensional cool design and carving, shock resistant,100M water resistant and LED Light is now available in chic black, sporty neon yellow or blue
Casio Edifice watches an analog dial code
with 1-second chronograph and a hybrid mount construction which protects the watch from internal damages when dropped. The enduring design of a 3-hand analog, combined with the classy look of a multi-dial watch.
Casio Pro Trek watches
and outdoor range of watches that are designed for sportsmen and people always on the go. Stay one step ahead of Mother Nature with the Solar Powered PRG300, Casio's new Triple Sensor 3 engine.
Casio wave captor watches designed with large case
and stainless-steel bezel & buttons to create a look that is performance driven, yet remains stylish. With 100m water resistance, functions like world time, stopwatch and alarm perfect for both business and casual attire.

Casio watches | with Blue tooth connectivity

  • Connecting Casio watches with your smartphone through Blue tooth - Casio has created watches that alert wearers when there is an incoming call or email on your smartphones. Casio watches can also be used to locate the phone by calling it, making the communication between the devices and watch.
  • Casio’s chronographs feature cutting-edge technologies such as solar-powered radio-controlled ability and are getting ever more compact and slim and achieving it through the optimal arrangement of an increasing number of parts needed for multiple functions in a limited space, using Casio’s growing technology.

Be on Time, Grab the Latest Casio Watches now!

The Casio Watches brand has become Top watch product nowadays. Casio watches provide accurate time information anywhere, all the time, and rich functionality that provides users with the selection of a suitable feature. Casio Singapore goals to provide watches that allow people to expand their outlooks and life enjoyment.

How to take care of your Casio watches?

  1. Don’t open the case nor remove the back cover
  2. Clean Casio watches and band, using a dry soft cloth with a mild detergent powder. Casio watches leather band, clean it with soap. Never use explosive such as thinner and spray cleaners
  3. Wipe the Casio watches face with a clean synthetic cloth.
  4. Keep Casio watches in the box designated, and store it in safe and dry place when you’re not using it

Taking care of Casio watches is significant- coolest gear. Practicality, and get it off when you're doing something greasy, like repairing a car engine or any machinery. Keep Casio watches stain free, wiping with a dry cloth every day when you take it from.

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