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Although Caterpillar Singapore is not necessarily the first brand that comes to mind when fashion is involved, the brand provides a wide array of stylish items for one to add to their wardrobe. Discover more about Caterpillar Singapore below!

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Caterpillar 5D Full Diamond DIY Painting Kit Home Decor Craft
S$ 3.30 S$ 3.60

Cat5D Full Diamond Painting Embroidery DIY Cross Stitch Craft Needlework Home Decor Gift Features: Spire design diamond shape, perfect size 2.8 mm; 26 section innovation launched, 360 degrees refraction diamond pure color; High quality manufacturing process, without adding toner, reaching the export inspection standards; Color fastness 8 grade, resistance to oxidation, radiation resistance, long time non fading; Perfect to decorate your living room or bedroom to match different decoration style; DIY painting, ingenuity, to do the painting with resin sequin, resin sequin unique luster is dazzling, shining in the light, is currently most popular DIY decorations; Fortune and luck, diamond painting, embroidery home decoration, perfect decoration of your living room or bedroom to match different decorative styles. Specifications: Color: as shown Material: canvas + resin diamond Size: about 30*30cm/11.81*11.81 Frame: no Diamond type: round Space: living room/bedroom/classroom/entrance DIY Diamond painting production steps: 1. Open the box and check the diamond draw special tools 2. View the resin diamond color, arranged in order of coding 3. Uncover tape drawing above, you will see a lot of symbols corresponding to the color coding 4. According to the corresponding color coded clamp the corresponding the resin inlaid diamonds 5. Suggested that one type of the resin diamond one set completed faster 6. In order to create a perfect diamond painting, drawings put together in one place every row symbols do not have to stay stuck diamonds 7. To cut a good figure on the drawings hold sorted array mounted to the plane of the material above 8. Splices need flat against the neat, do not have cracks 9. After a good fight, the rest of the gap at the glue corresponding symbols of diamonds 10. To complete a good diamond drawing, put it in your selection of a suitable framework (this product does not provide a framework) Notes: This is DIY diamond painting, not finished, and you need to finish it yourself. All products are manual measurement, please allow 1-2cm deviation. Because the light is different from the screen, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture. Please understand. Included: 1 x Diamond Painting(Diamond Needs to be Pasted) 1 set x Diamond Drawing Tool(Mud, Pen, Speed up plate, Magic cube diamond) #diy #diamondpainting #Embroidery #catpainting #CrossStitch #WallArt #ArtCrafts #Gifts #painting #Needlework #wallhangingpainting #HomeDecor

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Top Fashion Items from Caterpillar Singapore

Being traditionally known as a company that specializes in providing equipment and automotive for heavy industries across the world, it is hard to imagine Caterpillar Singapore being a fashion brand. However, the company has expanded its business to include a generous selection of footwear and apparels, in its sub-brand known as Cat Footwear. Caterpillar Singapore’s fashion items are both stylish and comfortable, allowing consumers to wear them to work or for a casual day out. Caterpillar Singapore’s fashion-centric inventory is further explained below:

Men’s Casual Footwear

A casual pair of footwear should not only be comfortable but must also be able to match any outfit easily. Thankfully, Caterpillar Singapore’s casual footwear line for their male consumers are designed to complement your daily apparels easily for you to look effortlessly stylish and masculine. Caterpillar Singapore’s casual footwear include a wide variety of boots, shoes, and sandals for you to choose from. Made with high-quality materials and intricate details, these pieces should be great additions to any men’s wardrobe. There are also waterproof options that can withstand the unexpected Singaporen weather. Amongst the favourites in this category are the Men’s Hyde shoes, Men’s Sutter Boots, and Men’s Cat Colorado Boots.

Men’s Work Footwear

A man should have a pair of reliable work footwear that makes him look professional and confident. Caterpillar Singapore provides the perfect solution with their line of formal footwear for men. Although they are made for work, the products in this category can also be worn on a casual night out without making the wearers look out of place or overdressed. Besides the usual boots and shoes, Caterpillar Singapore’s work-based footwear also feature waterproof options that are durable and can withstand unpredictable weather, as well as safety toe versions that are reinforced to provide extra protection to the owners. Noteworthy mentions include the Men’s Mortise 8” Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boots, Men’s Infrastructure Steel Toe Work Shoes, and Men’s Flex Composite Toe Work Shoes.

Women’s Casual Footwear

Although Cat Footwear’s primary target consumers are the male population, the brand also has casual footwear that can appeal to women as well as they are fashionable, comfortable, and diverse. For women who want to look feminine and adventurous, Caterpillar Singapore’s casual footwear are much-welcomed supplements to their wardrobe. Consisting of boots, shoes, and sandals, there is a pair of Caterpillar Singapore footwear to match any occasion. Like the men’s collections, there are also footwear made from waterproof materials for women to choose from. Female consumers will adore products such as Women’s Martine Shoe, Women’s Tiki Sandals, and Women’s Willa Canvas Boots.

Women’s Work Footwear

Other than casual selections, women can also purchase footwear specially designed for work. With a variety of boots and shoes that ooze style and finesse, women can look confident, professional, and feminine while they brave the working world. Moreover, these fashionable fashion items can fit any work apparel easily hence women can mix and match depending on their favourite looks.

Clothing and Accessories

A large portion of Caterpillar Singapore’s inventory comprise of footwear, but the brand has included various clothing pieces and accessories as part of its offerings for both men and women. The products in this category comprise of a large array of tops, outerwear, socks, hats, and bags. Not only are they able to complete your overall look, these accessories and apparels sport comfortable and functional designs.

Technology Used by Caterpillar Singapore

As a company that has been utilizing cutting-edge technology for centuries, Cat Footwear also uses advanced technology to ensure that footwear and apparels provide added comfort and protection. Caterpillar Singapore applies technology into their products in four ways:

Ease Technology

Caterpillar Singapore applies revolutionary technology to create absorbent foam soles for their footwear. These foam soles reduce the pressure that is exerted on the wearer’s feet. Caterpillar Singapore’s footwear are also made of industrial strength materials to ensure continuous durability and longer wearability. Footwear equipped with the ease technology will also have foam midsoles that provide more cushioning for absorbing excess pressure, offering ultimate comfort to users.

UltraDuty Technology

Caterpillar Singapore’s work-centric footwear that are infused with Caterpillar Singapore’s UltraDuty technology is ideal for individuals who work in high-risk working environments. The front part of the footwear is engineered with dual-forged construction to offer more safety to the toes to prevent them from being injured while working. The UltraDuty design also comes with multi-density foam that adds collar and ankle holds to keep your foot steady while moving.

ErgoLite Series

For those who dislike wearing workboots, Caterpillar Singapore offers an alternative in the form of ErgoLite-designed footwear that delivers comfort and style without neglecting safety. Built with the composite safety toe feature to protect your toes from external impact and compression and a lightweight dual density foam midsole for extra stability, the ErgoLite design should be an integral item in your workplace fashion list.

Flexion Series

Flexibility is an important element that many individuals look for when choosing footwear. The Flexion series provides unlimited flexibility thanks to its state-of-the-art construction and ergonomic features. The shoes and boots in this series are equipped with Caterpillar Singapore’s S-curve soles with heel impact zone that increases shock absorption and slip resistance features so that you can stay safe and comfortable while working.