Even though over-lined, plumped lips are all the rage right now, there are other ways of putting on your Chanel lipsticks so it can match the makeup look that you’re aiming for. There is a big difference between how the westerners put on their lips and how people from the east (predominantly Koreans) apply their lip products. Learn how to do both styles with Chanel lipsticks by clicking the article here.


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How to Emulate Two Different Types of Lip Makeup with Chanel Lipsticks in Singapore

Chanel is known all over the world for their luxurious, classy, and sophisticated products. However, Chanel makeup is probably their most accessible product line to date; you can find them in most major department stores and shopping centers. Among the Chanel Foundation, blush, and eye makeup, they carry an array of quality lipsticks that have become many beauty gurus’ favorites.

Western Lip Makeup Trend

Many makeup gurus from the west have followed the trend of over-lining their lips and using matte lipstick to give the illusion of a bigger and plumper lips. To achieve this, you only need to have two things on hand: a Chanel lip pencil and Chanel matte lipstick. First, it is best if you exfoliate and moisturize your lips thoroughly. This way, you remove any dead skin and will plump up your lips naturally. Use petroleum jelly or a Chanel lip balm like the Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm.

Next, you can either follow the natural shape of your lips or slightly over-line it with the Chanel lip pencil. Also, fill the lips the rest of the lips with the lip pencil so it can act as a base for the matte lipstick. It is best to use a lip pencil that is a few shades darker than the matte lipstick. Then, take the matte Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet and fill the inner parts of your lips.

Eastern Lip Makeup Trend

For people in the east, the beauty trend is to have doll-like, small yet plump, vibrant lips. For this, you will need a Chanel lipstick in a bright shade like orange, coral, pink, or bright red. The steps to emulate the eastern gradient lip is simple. Begin with moisturizing your lips, as well. Then, dab a light layer of concealer and blot off any excess. Then apply the lipstick along the inner parts of your lips. It’s recommended to use a crayon or pencil-like lipstick, like the Chanel Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur.

Afterwards, use a blending brush or your fingertips to spread the color outwards. Remember to keep the most of the color in the center of your lips. Make sure that when you’re blending outwards, you don’t reach the edges, keeping the shade inside the lips. Blot your lips again to remove any excess products.

Best-Selling Chanel Lipsticks of All Time

The French brand’s most popular lipstick item is perhaps the Chanel Rouge Allure. The Rouge Allure is an intense, long-wearing Chanel lipstick with full coverage and a satin finish. It uses almond oil, green tea, and sappan wood to keep the lips moisturized. Other best-selling Chanel lipsticks include the Chanel Rouge Coco and Chanel Rouge Double Intensité.