Chanel is one of those fashion brands that will always guarantee luxury and sophistication. Thanks to Coco Chanel, women everywhere from all classes can enjoy high-quality, beautifully-smelling perfumes, something that only the upper-class ladies would wear. Read below to find out what the brand’s top fragrances are and where to spray them to get to most out of your Chanel perfumes.

3 most popular Chanel perfumes | Where and How to Properly Spray Your Chanel Perfumes | Why are Chanel Perfumes so expensive?


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Top Chanel Perfumes in Singapore and Strategic Places to Spritz Them

Chanel might be widely known for their luxurious handbags and clothing but this French luxurious fashion brand also manufactures top of line perfumes. The fragrances are made with the highest quality of ingredients, ranging from flowers, woods, leaves, and spices. The very first perfume by the House of Chanel was invented in the year 1920 by Coco Mademoiselle herself. The Chanel No.5 Eau de parfum spray is still as popular more than 100 years after its release to the market.

3 most popular Chanel perfumes

  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: The aroma is citrus with top notes of orange and orange blossoms.
  • Bleu De Chanel: With an intensely aromatic and woody aroma containing sandalwood, Bleu de Chanel is one of the perfumes targeted for men.
  • Chance Eau: The aroma is woody with top notes of aldehyde and peach.

Where and How to Properly Spray Your Chanel Perfumes

Since Chanel perfumes tend to come at a higher price point, it is essential for you to find strategic spots to spray your perfume. This is so that you don’t waste any of the precious formula carefully created by top Chanel French perfumers.

Experts say that heat is the most efficient element in activating the scent in a perfume. Considering this, you should try spritzing your Chanel perfumes on various pulse points on your body. These pulse points include behind the ear, on your wrists, inside your elbow, and behind the knee. Other than these pulse points, you can also spray your Chanel perfumes on your hair, in your belly button, and on your clothes.

Spray the perfume by holding the perfume bottle five or six inches from your body. After spraying on these areas, avoid rubbing the perfume. Contrary to popular belief, rubbing the perfume would break down its molecules and sends them into the air instead. Besides spraying on your pulse points, you can try to elongate the scent of your perfume by moisturizing your skin. Moisturized skin will hold your perfumes better compared to dry, cracked skin.

Aside from these steps above, ensure that you store your luxurious Chanel perfumes away from heat and direct sunlight. Humidity, heat, and light will break down all the compounds in your perfume, stripping it of all its scents.

Why are Chanel Perfumes so expensive?

One of the primary reasons is the rare ingredients that constitute the aroma. Some of the ingredients are handpicked from special sources. There are also ingredients that use up a large number of raw materials to be fully extracted and fused with a scented mixture. With the complexities of ingredient extraction, it makes sense that Chanel perfumes are sold at a premium price. This is why Chanel aficionados are willing to pay for the brand’s perfume that promises a long-lasting, elegant and sophisticated scent.