Our locally based brand Charles & Keith has made footprints across the globe with its stylish and top-notch fashionable goods. Ranging from compact short wallets to stylish long purses, find the perfect one for yourself in Charles and Keith Singapore today!

Is Charles and Keith a luxury brand? | How to Spot Fake Charles and Keith wallets?


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Charles and Keith Wallet - Your Perfect Arm Candy

Charles and Keith Singapore has since expanded beyond the borders with stores located all over the globe. The brand is known to encompass a distinct contemporary and modern style. The brand has never failed to deliver an extensive range of designs and styles.

While the brand first started out with shoes, it has moved on to expand its product line to include accessories as well as Charles & Keith wallets, bags, cardholders and more.

Charles and Keith's style could be described as elegant, sophisticated and poise, a style that is easy to remember and easy to match with other fashion products.

Wallets or purses are a necessary item for everyone to keep his or her cash and cards. Among the broad and varied range, you will find the right one for yourself. You can make your own fashion statement by carrying them on your own or tuck them inside your handbag for quick access to your belongings.

Who is the owner of Charles and Keith?

Charles and Keith is a Singaporean fast-fashion footwear and accessories retailer founded in 1996 by Charles Wong and Keith Wong. Based locally in Singapore, its trend-focused designs are available in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the United States of America.

Is Charles and Keith a luxury brand?

When compared to bigger luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Coach, Charles and Keith is not considered a luxury brand. Their prices are affordable and their items are accessible to most people in the country and the region.

Nevertheless, the quality of the products from this brand is up to par with the luxury brands mentioned above. While they do not hold high resale value or a shelf-life as long as luxury products, Charles and Keith's items are worth every penny.

How to Spot Fake Charles and Keith wallets?

Charles and Keith is a brand coveted by many women due to its stylistic design and affordable price. However, there are a variety of online merchants that sell the impersonated version or a close replica of branded bags or wallets.

Considering the fact there is a large number of online fashion retailers selling Charles & Keith wallets, it's challenging to find legitimate dealers selling authentic ones.

There are a few tips that you can follow in order to spot the fake Charles and Keith wallets:

Product packaging

Charles and Keith products are usually packed in a black box with the Charles and Keith logo clearly displayed and the wallet is perfectly wrapped in it. However, the fake packages are usually in clear plastic boxes with crumbled wrapping and a fake label slapped on top.

Quality of the wallet

To determine whether a wallet is genuine, look at its zipper, strap, leather quality, and colour. Charles and Keith's wallets are made of high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. All of those components should give a sturdy and nice feel.

Stitching and Logo

Charles and Keith wallets always feature high-quality stitching because they are the masterpiece from a designer with a reputation to uphold. Poor and/or loose stitching is a sign of low quality, counterfeit wallet.

Inspect the stitching on the inside of the wallet or purse, as some fake sellers try to disguise their sloppy work in the covering of the wallet.

Besides, you can compare the logo of the brand with your product through their official website. The fake ones will always have smaller font and size than the original product.

Genuine Leather

Charles and Keith wallets are mostly made with faux leather, Nappa sheep leather, and other original leathers, making them seem and feel different from the fake quality leather.

Their leather should not be peeling off upon several uses unless they are exposed to corrosive liquid, harmful chemicals or direct sunlight.

Whether it is a long wallet or a compact cardholder, you can find a wide assortment of authentic Charles and Keith wallets here at iPrice. To avoid obtaining a fake Charles & Keith product, make sure to check the seller's review before making the purchase. Or better yet, visit your nearest Charles & Keith outlet to check out their wallets and cardholders!