Looking for a wearable brand that’s slightly badass and filled with character? Cheap Monday will be your top choice as they offer a range of cool clothing in the basic colours of white, black, blue and grey. Cheap Monday fashion pieces can be used for mixing and matching with your other wardrobe pieces especially Cheap Monday jeans that has become one of the world’s favourite denim labels.

Cheap Monday Clothing

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Cheap Monday Slim jeans S$ 53.19 Vestiaire Collective
Cheap Monday tight skinny jeans in fair blue S$ 96.86 ASOS
Cheap Monday Ankle boots S$ 61.50 Vestiaire Collective
Cheap Monday tight skinny jeans in stonewash blue S$ 111.07 ASOS
Cheap Monday Ankle boots S$ 66.02 Vestiaire Collective
Cheap Monday Slim jeans S$ 49.86 Vestiaire Collective
Cheap Monday slim jeans S$ 53.19 Vestiaire Collective
Cheap Monday Slim jeans S$ 45.92 Vestiaire Collective
Cheap Monday Authentic Demin Bermuda S$ 12.00 Shopee
Cheap Monday Slim jeans S$ 56.51 Vestiaire Collective
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-8% Cheap Monday Slim jeans

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So why Cheap Monday? Does the brand hold jaw-dropping sales on Monday? Well not exactly… but during Cheap Monday sales, the brand’s most popular jeans are always the first to be sold out!

The brand founders started with a tiny second-hand apparel store in the suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. First named as Weekend, the store was only opened on the weekends but it had a loyal customer following because it had an exceptional selection of clothes. So, with an addition of a new partner the store renamed Weekday, became a full-time operational fashion hub that sells high-fashion items, unique denim labels, and second-hand clothing. But founder Örjan Andersson wanted to create denim that is much more affordable as some of the denim sold came with a pretty big price tag. And so in March 2004, Cheap Monday was born along with the brand’s very first tight fitted stretch denim jeans! Cheap Monday’s first 800 pairs of denim were sold out in a few weeks, the slim fitted design was a hit among the young and fashion sensible Stockholmers.

Cheap Monday Singapore goes with anything in your wardrobe

It is always a fashion savvy person’s dream to find clothing brands that offer versatile pieces of garments that will allow them to mix and match and recreate a whole new look that showcases their personality, right? Cheap Monday is exactly the brand that you are looking for, as its clothing line that is of basic colours and occasional bright tones will definitely offer you more styling options with your current wardrobe collection. Cheap Monday currently makes collections for men and women with three in-season drops/season each year. Cheap Monday collections include shoes, underwear, glasses and accessories. The brand is available in over 35 nations in around 1,800 stores across the world.

Let’s learn more about Cheap Monday’s bestselling item— the Cheap Monday denim line. Cheap Monday offers premium denim at affordable prices by combining denim with a Swedish twist. Jeans by Cheap Monday are designed for denim lovers that like simple styles that are made with high-quality material that looks minimalistic and clean. Inspired by subcultures and casual streetwear fashion, Cheap Monday designs are in trend with the newest runway fashion!

Some notable Cheap Monday Singapore collections

Cheap Monday launches its newest collection according to seasons and the brands are often inspired by very different themes each time. Here are a few notable collections that really distinguishes Cheap Monday from other brands.

Cheap Monday SPRAY ON Collection

This Cheap Monday collection features it’s fittest and tightest stretch denim jeans with a hint of artistic spray on. This collection’s denim utilizes ultra-stretchy and soft jeans material that will hug your legs and give them a good snug. Be it the Low Spray, Mid Spray or the Him Spray, all the jeans in this series are made with the best extreme stretch jeans material that allows you to experience the craziest most unimaginable best fitting stretchy pair of jeans!

Fall 2015 Cheap Monday (What Went Wrong?) Collection

A collection that was inspired by the movie Lord of the Flies. Cheap Monday wanted to create a brand new punk aesthetic with a shipwrecked look with a combination of army and tribal. This collection also gives out a pirate crew vibe with printed patches, punky sailor stripes, broken and tied garments (woven and jersey). A play on a variety of garments to create ripped sock trompe l'oeil prints, threadbare knits, crushed velvet and faded fanzine pastels as well as big checks prints, crinkled sweats and knits were also utilised to add ruggedness.

Ripped & Repaired Cheap Monday Denim Collection

This denim collection is a reassembly of Cheap Monday’s signature skinny jeans styles that goes through a new make-over. Names as the Ripped & Repaired Denim, this collection features the brand’s iconic jeans redesigned with slashes, washes, rips and patched up in many different shades blue, black and grey denim that create a whole new fresher look. Some feature large rips around the knee, smaller rips at the side for a tough, yet slightly more subtle look, multiple slashes and rip frays along the legs enhances the whole collection’s Ripped & Repaired theme. Patches of different types of denim were also used to give a more distinguished character to a pair of Cheap Monday denim.

When Cheap Monday Singapore collaborate for futuristic music

Cheap Monday in collaboration with Stockholm-based Teenage Engineering launches a line of micro synthesizers. So, what are a micro synthesizer? Sounds so geeky and techy, it is a new type of musical instrument named Pocket Operators.

This Pocket Operator has three pocket-sized synthesizers that are so small that they fit into the pocket of your tightest Cheap Monday jeans! Imagine having one musical instrument that is small enough to fit in your pocket! Cheap Monday also designed three special edition T-shirts along with the launch of this new musical gear that features graphics inspired from the Teenage Engineering’s lab creators. Have a look at the following video on How To Operate the Pocket Operator!

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