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3,707 Products

Showcasing the best of Japanese watch engineering, Citizen Singapore offers a myriad of watches online for your shopping satisfaction. Scroll down and look for your favorite Citizen watches or click here to know more about Citizen Singapore.

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Luxurious Citizen Watches now available online!

For many watch collectors and enthusiasts, Citizen Singapore is a brand that exhibits the beauty of Japanese watches. For more than 84 years, the brand has provided excellent quality, accurate, and beautifully designed watches. Established in 1913 as Shokosha Watch Research Institute in Japan, the company started making cincom-precision-lathe machine tools and a couple of watches in their line. It wasn’t until May 1930 that the name “Citizen” was adapted after Shimpei Goto’s own creation - the first Citizen watch. His goals for creating a piece is for every citizen around the world to want to wear his watches. Throughout the years of operation, Citizen Singapore holds many of the industry’s first such as watches for the visually impaired, and being the first company to manufacture solar-powered watches.

What makes Citizen watches different

Citizen Singapore makes a lot of great watches ranging from chronographs to analogue, depending on your taste. They are also makers of fine luxury watches which prices can go over $3,500 a piece! But the price is not what makes them different from other watch brands; but rather the excellence of engineering and fine accuracy on all their watch types.

Reasons why you should own a luxury Citizen watch

  • As a form of investment, luxury watches from Citizen has a great lifespan thanks to its quality of construction and materials used. Instead of buying one every few months, why not save up for a far more superior Citizen watch?
  • Looking good is feeling good, and Citizen watches can do more than just accentuate your outfit. Seeing a luxury watch on your wrist, people tend to take you more seriously compared to cheap watches because looks do matter, especially in business.
  • If you want to be unique and stand out from everyone else, a luxury watch would do the trick! Whether you are out for a walk on the beach, partying with your friends or going on a date, you will never look dull with a luxury Citizen watch.
  • Have you ever wandered to an art gallery and wanted to see each piece home? Now you can take artistry and excellence all wrapped up in your hand with the best Citizen watches in Singapore.

    Get the best Citizen watches online

    There are many types of Citizen watches available, ranging from casual, sport, business, chronograph, fashion and analogue watches. Whether you are a watch enthusiast, a collector or simply browsing for a new piece to wear everyday, you should take a look at these wonderful collections from Citizen!

    • The Promaster Collection
    • The Winter White Collection
    • The SIgnature Collection
    • The A-T Collection

    Celebrities spotted wearing Citizen watches

    Being a fine piece of accessory, Citizen watches has also seen the spotlight along with famous celebrities on and off the set. Reality show star Kim Kardashian, opera singer and songwriter Katherine Jenkins have been seen wearing Citizen watches. In addition, famous athletes are also a big fan of Citizen watches such as American football star Eli Manning.

    You can get your own Citizen watches in Singapore here or take a look at more of our available watches online such as Seiko, Suunto, Luminox, Timex, DKNY, and many more!