Perhaps one of the most iconic dress styles today, the little black dress has its fair share of popularity amongst many women since the 1920s. Scroll down below and take home your own taste of classic fashion or click here to know to rock the best little black dress style!

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Little Black Dress - an Iconic Piece of Fashion History

The little black dress or LBD, as the name suggests, is a black midi dress often worn in casual, semi-formal, and formal occasions. It’s history dates back in the 1920s when Coco Chanel published a photo of a simple black dress in the American Vogue. Because of its accessibility and minimalist design, t instantly became a hit amongst women of all ages and social backgrounds. The little black dress became more popular in the 60s when actress Audrey Hepburn wore one as she played Holly Golightly in the Hollywood classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Today, the little black dress is a garment for all occasion and is a closet must-have for all fashionistas.

Why you should own a little black dress

  • A little black dress never goes out of style. Since its rise to popularity from almost a century ago, the little black dress still remains fashionably relevant.
  • Being black in color, you can pair it with literally every shade of color, from neutral, neon, jewel tones, ombre, and so much more.
  • A little black dress is comfortable and can be worn anywhere at anytime. From formal to casual events and gatherings, you can wear your little black dress without thinking of being over or under-dressed.
  • If you love to accessorize, then the little black dress is your best friend. Your accessories will certainly go well with a basic garment such as a little black dress.
  • Compared to other garments, it doesn’t take much to find the perfect little black dress for your body type.
  • If you’re feeling lazy about choosing the right outfit for the day, you can choose a little black dress and still look fabulous!

Little black dress style inspirations for The Beauty in Singapore

The little black dress is a classic addition to any closet because of its simple, minimalist, yet elegant characteristics. What is great about the little black dress is that it can be transformed to different styles. With the right shoes and accessories, you can go from streetwear to formal with a little black dress.

Sexy chic

If you want to feel sexy in your little black dress, don’t forget to show a little bit more skin. Either sporting a short skirt of plunging neckline, a little black dress will certainly do the trick. A little black dress with lace is also a great way to cover up and show skin at the same time. Don’t forget to follow it up with metallic accessories to max your sex appeal!

Sophisticated gal

To show your sophisticated side, a pencil cut little black dress would certainly give you that look. Don’t forget to add leather elements to your look such as a clutch bag or a simple belt to go around your waist.

Classic retro

A little black dress in itself is a classic retro garment in itself. If you want to go back to the 60s or 70s, then a collared little black dress, or a simple cut would definitely do the trick. Add a little statement to your look with beads or pearls to match your bag and shoes.

The edgy look

Nowadays, every girl wants to have that cool, edgy look. Pull one off with a little black dress adorned with jewel and metallic accessories. When it comes to shoes, boots, and pumps would definitely make the cut. Don’t forget to experiment on different fabric and designs to expand your comfort zone!

The little black dress is an iconic garment that every girl must have. Check out available little black dresses in Singapore from different brands such as Choies, Romwe, and Moschino for an amazing collection of little black dresses!