Why stick to drab and plain dresses when you can spice it up with prints and patterns? Print dresses allow you to elevate your ensemble without going overboard with accessories or other trinkets? Follow the guide here to know the most popular types of print dresses and which places you should wear them to.


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Types of Print Dresses in Singapore and Where to Wear Them

Sometimes when we go shopping for new clothes, we tend to stick to neutral colors that will be easy to pair and style. Although dresses in neutral colors can easily complement any body types, there’s no harm in exploring other options, especially with print dresses that can add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe.

Most popular types of print dresses

What makes a print dress only depends on one factor: whether they have various patterns printed on the fabric. The five patterns below are considered the most common prints for printed dresses in the market today.

  • Floral - This is perhaps the most popular print dresses out of all the types as it is timeless and fitting. Floral dresses feature various flowers and plants on the fabric.
  • Animal - Most animal print dresses do not necessarily use the skin, furs, or hides of the animals themselves. The fabric used only resembles zebra, leopard, snake, or alligator skin.
  • Geo - Short for geometric, geo print dresses feature shapes in different sizes and arrangements. The most popular geo prints are triangles, polka dots, and chevron.
  • Abstract - Just like abstract art, this type of print dress doesn’t follow a guideline. It simply mixes bold shapes and arrangements to make the dress more eye-catching.
  • Novelty - Novelty print dresses have patterns of random, often comical, items. Most of these print dresses would feature the trends from pop culture at the time they’re produced.

Different places where you can wear your print dresses

Depending on the level of formality of the place, you can wear print dresses technically anywhere. You can even pick and choose between maxi or short print dresses to go along with the environment of the place.

  • To school or work – As long as you follow the dress code of your school, institution, or work place, you can freely wear floral, geo, or novelty print dresses.
  • Music festivals – Going to festivals like Coachella or Laneway is a perfect chance for you to show off your personal style. Here, you can wear any types of print dresses.
  • Out for brunch – Take the perfect OOTD picture with a unique print dress during brunch with your girlfriend. Add some accessories and your picture will be good to go.
  • Fashion-related galas – If you’re into fashion and looking for something bold and unique to wear to a fashion event, opt for a striking and eye-catching print dresses.

Ways to style print dresses

Now that you’ve figured out which print dress you should wear to an event, it’s time to style and accessorize. Since print dresses are already eye-catching enough, it’s best to wear subtle accessories and avoid bulky jewelries. Pair it with solid-colored heels, wedges, or ballerina flats to balance out the print fabrics.