If you are vying for a classic garment that never goes out of style, a vintage dress would certainly suit your fashion needs. Grab the best vintage dress online or you can click here to know more about different types of vintage dresses from the retro eras of the 50s to the 70s.


The Classic Sophistication of a Vintage Dresses

The classic design and sophistication of a vintage dress is making a comeback, even with the modern haute couture, high-fashion clothes of today. A vintage dress is a style of clothing relevant from the 20s to the 70s. Encompassing more than 60 years of fashion, this type of garment is not just one simple design but a conglomerate of styles relevant from those periods. This massive comeback is seen in many celebrities and fashion icons including Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ashley Olsen and so much more!

Why you should have a vintage dress in your closet

  • Because of its classic design, a vintage dress can be a timeless piece. You can wear it for several seasons and its style would still remain relevant.
  • If you want to look elegant with a twist of sexiness, then a vintage dress would certainly give you that look.
  • A vintage dress looks lovely on any body type. Whether you are skinny, hourglass, voluptuous or plump, you can still rock that vintage dress with confidence.
  • A vintage dress is versatile. With the right accessories, you can add a modern twist to this timeless classic garment.
  • A vintage dress is a great garment for casual, semi-formal, and formal occasions.

Types of vintage dresses from different periods

The term “vintage” describes an object from a period of time in the past. Encompassing more than 60 years worth of fashion, a vintage dress gives you more than just the classic bell or sheath dress, but a conglomerate of many fashion styles from the 20s to the 70s. Here are different styles of vintage dresses that remain relevant today.

The New Look Dress (1950s)

Perhaps one of the most popular vintage styles today, the “new look” dress is a type of dress with a fitted bodice and often a ballooned skirt. This also paved the way for the shirtwaist dress, still prominent in the era. A shirtwaist dress has the same qualities as a new look dress except for the neckline. It is often with a collar with buttons that would extend throughout the dress.

The Hippie era (1960s-1970s)

During the 60s, the rise of the hippie era began. Dresses changed from tight-fitting, corset-like bodice to loose, and breathable styles, using mostly light fabric. In contrast to previous fashion seasons where a woman’s curves are emphasized, the hippie era popularized shift dresses or a loose fitting frock with fun and lively prints and colors.

Shopping for vintage dresses online

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