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Ethnic Clothing Singapore: Celebrating Diversity And Unique Cultural Backgrounds

When you speak about Singapore, it is hard to miss out the amazing experience of accepting, honouring and celebrating the festivals of different ethnics together. When celebrating such festivals, it is very important to wear appropriate ethnic clothing as a sign of respect. Ethnic clothing can be fun and interesting if you style it right. However, before styling them, you need to learn about the background of your ethnic clothing in order to treasure and appreciate the legacy left in your hands.

Ethnic Clothing Singapore: Types of Ethnic Clothing

  • Malay – For ladies, if you are attending any formal events or traditional occasion, you would need to wear baju kurung. Baju kurung consists of a blouse that is to your knee length and this loose-fitting blouse is paired with a long skirt. You can also try to experiment with other interesting fabrics such as songket and batik. For a complete look, you may wear a matching headscarf. Meanwhile baju melayu is designed for the men. It is a loose tunic and you need to wear it with a pair of trousers.
  • Chinese – In the culture of Chinese people the women usually wear Cheongsam. It was originally a long dress but today it can be obtained it a shorter version as well. It is tight fighting attire that has high collar and buttons near the shoulder.
  • Indian – Sari is a traditional outfit for the women. It is a 6 yard piece of clothing that is draped around your body. Sari trying process is not easy but if you master it well, it can be an interesting experience. Sari is worn with a blouse. And it can be obtained in various designs and materials. If you are looking for a simpler outfit that can save your time, go for a salwar kameez or better known as Punjabi suit. It is a combination of long tunic, pants and matching shawl.
  • Sabah – In Sabah, you will come across many culturally different groups of people but the most well-known tribe would be the Kadazan Dusun. Their cultural outfit consists of straw hat, headdress and woven clothes.
  • Sarawak – In Sarawak you may find a number of tribal or ethnicity that practice different customs. The famous tribe is the Iban community. They wear the woven pua kumbu with features and fabrics made out of tree barks, beads and many more.

Ethnic Clothing Singapore: Exploring Your Culture And Its Uniqueness

If you are wondering why is it very important to embrace your ethnicity and wear your traditional clothing, well just keep on scrolling.

  • Ethnic clothing represents our identity and unique culture
  • Keeps us connected to the culture and prevent it from getting erased in the history
  • Makes us appreciate the value of our family and cultural norms and practices.
  • Ethnic clothing provides a unique aesthetic appeal.

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