Aside from being a technological giant, right next to Japan, South Korea is also well known for their iconic KPOP idols and their interesting fashion tastes. Because of their influence in music, their style serves as an inspiration for fans, not only in Korea but all around the globe. Scroll down below for the latest KPOP fashion items or click here to know how to dress up like your Korean idol.

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Top Korean Fashion Clothing Price List 2021

Korean Fashion - Music and Self Expression

Korean fashion and subculture have never been this popular since Psy came out with his hit track “Gangnam style” which took over the international music scene by storm. South Korea today is more than just a technological hub, but a major influence in street fashion and music. Korean idols such as J Dragon, 2NE1, Hyuna, Girls Generation, Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and so much more are now famous not only for their music and acting prowess but also for the clothes that they wear.

Korean fashion 101

Korean fashion is all about self expression with major influences from the west. Like the Harajuku subculture in Japan, Korean fashion derives itself from being yourself and being comfortable with what you wear no matter how over the top your clothes might be. Another thing about Korean fashion is the love of layers, and layered garments, oversized tops and sweaters, and the use of different fabrics. Mixing and matching these garments can go a long way.

Korean fashion also looks into different ways to wear makeup from simple natural colors to outrageous neon and dark combinations, even for men. Make up in Korean fashion emphasizes the eyes to the extent that some prefer to wear fashion contact lenses to give their eyes more depth and intensity. Accessories too, reflect the haute couture street fashion seen in many of their clothes. Studs, spikes, huge earings, bling, bracelets, etc are norms in KPOP style.

Must have items for that KPOP look

Aside from the usual over the top garments such as large tops and sweaters, studded jackets, scarves, jogger pants, elaborate dresses, and jewellery, Korean fashion also has a subtle side. To kick off your shopping list, here are some KPOP fashion items that you must have if you want to look like your Korean idols:

Sports shoes

In Korean fashion, Sports shoes are not limited to exercise or hitting the gym but a fashion statement used by many KPOP idols. You can virtually wear it with anything, even with dresses and skirts! New Balance is a preferred brand for many Koreans as you can see from Girls Generation, and Girl’s Day.


A common accessory for male and female K-idols, Sunglasses are a great way to hide and exaggerate a person’s face. Large frames with dark shades are a preferred choice for many KPOP idols such as Sohyun, Rain, and Lee Min Ho.


Aside from being a convenient accessory, caps are a fashionable accent that would enable you to hide bad hair days and protect you from the elements. Snapbacks, baseball caps, and beanies are a choice of caps from idols like Kim Bum, Dara from 2NE1, and EXO’s Luhan.

With the country’s growing economy and introduction of the Internet, Korean fashion is now more popular than ever. Browse through our gallery of must-have KPOP fashion items here or browse by brand such as Ghope, Korean Selection, and Fancyqube.