Winter gloves, cycling gloves, training gloves, gloves for that costume party, even safety gloves for work, you can find them all below. Learn more about gloves here.

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What are gloves?

Gloves create a barrier between germs and your hands. They help keep your hands clean and lessen your chance of contacting germs that may cause you to be sick. Wear gloves every time you will be touching blood, bodily fluids, bodily tissues, mucous membranes, or broken skin. Gloves are worn by many people working in various fields for protection.

On a less serious note (still very significant nonetheless), gloves can also be part of your statement outfit. Matching gloves like a pair of satin gloves paired with will not only signify a bride’s special status but also add a sophistication element to the whole bridal outfit. If you are going to a party as Batman or Spiderman, you will need a matching set of gloves for that statement costume.

Gloves also function as a protection for your hands, keeping them warm and fuzzy during the cold winter weather and help you with your training, biking, boxing, mountaineering and in various kind of sports. Every day without paying much attention, we use our hands to carry out various kinds of activities, so it’s about time to also learn more about gloves so that you know when to were them right?

Here are some types of gloves that are available in the market that serve different purposes.

  • Leather — commonly used to make winter gloves
  • Cotton — also another common fabric for breathable gloves
  • Fleece — a popular choice to make warming fashion gloves
  • Rubberized — most common work gloves for cleaning, medical fields and etc.
  • Satin — great fabric to match with wedding dresses

What are fingerless gloves?

One of the latest fashion trends is fingerless gloves. Still warm, functional and stylish, fingerless gloves are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. If you're ready to try this new style but hesitant to start wearing your glovelets everywhere, here are a few pointers on how to style and wear fingerless gloves.

  1. Keeping your fingers free: you get all the style benefits of gloves and mittens while still keeping your fingers free to type, text message or reach into your purse. The open design of fingerless gloves also makes it easier to wear rings, you get to show off your manicure too.
  2. Match with your clothes: Wear your fingerless gloves with a fitted shirt, skinny jeans and booties for a look that is comfortable and trendy. Try layering fingerless gloves with other gloves or arm warmers and bangles to draw attention to the accessories.
  3. Perfect for cycling and training: When cycling, having your fingers free is a plus point as you can have a more flexible grip on the bike’s steering.

So, go rock your next outfit with gloves. Pick a pair of gloves at iprice Singapore and enhance your daily look!

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