There’s one sure way to spice up any look – with hats. Check out the finest hats from the best brands in Singapore or find out more about how you could complete your #OOTD with a variety of hats below.

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Complete Your #OOTD with These Hats

Ahh hats – the penultimate accessories that complete a classy look. Hats have a cool, smooth and somewhat playful personality to them. Like the chocolate ganache on a rich chocolate cake, so hats add a sense of irresistibility to your OOTD. Besides being an awesome fashion accessory, hats are also used as part of uniforms; as head protectors from different kinds of weather hot or cold; as a status or ethnicity symbol; as a disguise or to just hide hair loss and many more other uses. You too could use hats for these purposes. Let’s look at some hat styles that could complete your OOTD (Outfit Of The Day).

Baseball Cap

As the name suggests, baseball caps are headwear that came from the sport. The beauty of baseball caps is the versatility to be worn with almost every outfit. Most of the time though, we find baseball caps worn as casual clothing. It’s not uncommon to find printed baseball caps. You can get your favourite team’s (of any sport, not just baseball) logo printed on the front of the cap. Baseball caps are also adjustable and provide good protection from the sun and the wind.


From casual baseball caps, we enter the world of the gentleman with Fedora hats. Fedoras are fashionable headwear that creates a posh look that exudes status and power. Its signature short to mid-sized brim with an upturn in the back gives a vintage look. We often see actors and actresses wearing Fedora hats paired with anything from pinstriped suits to t-shirt and jeans ensembles. Fedoras also come in a variety of sizes. Check the headlining to see if it is a perfect fit.


Jump back in time by wearing a beret. Berets were part of uniforms of army and police personnel and still is till today. But berets have been adopted into the genre of high fashion. A semi-casual look is what one is going for when topped with a beret. Berets come in mostly earthy colours. You will find charcoal, dark grey, brown, olive green, and sometimes, blue variants of berets. Berets are also some of the most comfortable hats you can wear. The soft top of the hat won’t press on your crown while the brim of the cap sits neatly on your temple. Try them out today!

Peruvian Hats

Nothing says funky like Peruvian hats. These weird-looking headwear look like beanies but with little strings down the sides. Much like certain cartoon characters, people who wear them are cute and adorable, but a little weird. They are an acquired taste. Peruvian hats are soft and comfortable to wear. They protect your head all around (even the ears) in cold weather. They also come in a variety of colours and are often made from knitted material such as wool or cotton. Their porous nature makes them unsuitable for wet climates but incredibly efficient against the wind and low temperatures.

Now that you know some of these hat varieties, you might want to try them out.