Expecting your first child and you are worried about how unfashionable you would have to look as your bump begins to show? Put aside all your worries and have a look at these awesomely fashionable maternity wear that we have to offer! Scroll down and browse through our products or click here to learn more.


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Stylish Maternity Wear at Affordable Prices on iprice Singapore!

Maternity Wear Singapore: Chic Wear for Mothers

There was very little importance placed on maternity in the olden days. Pregnant women just had to make do with whatever was available in their wardrobes. The first recorded maternity wear was a gown called the Adrienne dress that came about in the 1600s. It was a gown with voluminous folds and flowing fabrics that expanded with growing bellies. As time went on, the tides of fashion and practicality changed the style of maternity wear to accommodate the needs of the pregnant women while also giving them the chance to fulfil their fashion desires.

Today’s maternity wear covers a wide range of products. From workout clothes to business suits, expecting mothers can find all that they require to accommodate their growing bellies as well as their fashion sense.

Maternity Wear Singapore: Beauty and Comfort

Maternity wear is important for expecting mothers as this is a phase where the body undergoes physical transformation and demands for comfortable clothes. Maternity wear is never cheap and there may be a high chance that you will probably wear them for only this phase and then have to sell them off (or give them away!) once the baby is born. So before you run off on your shopping spree, have a look at these tips on shopping for maternity clothes:

  • Do not buy those tops that are one or two sizes bigger. Your first instinct may be to get big, baggy clothing to cover your belly. But trust us, honey, those clothes will just make your body look… bigger. And that is not something you want.
  • When buying maternity clothes, choose clothes that have ruching (gathers) on the side (for tops) or on the waist (for bottoms). Extra length along the torso is a definite must for shirts, tops and dresses as your body grows to accommodate your unborn child. Also, make sure the bottoms have adjustable waist bands (such as drawstring).
  • Choose clothes that are made from breathable, soft, durable as well as stretchy material. Clothes made from stretchy material will stay snug, flattering and supportive of your changing body shape while clothes made from breathable material will make you feel comfortable whenever your experience hot flashes or itchiness.
  • Maternity lingerie is just as important as the other maternity clothes as it is not only your belly that will change during your pregnancy. The right maternity bra will make you look great as well as feel comfortable as your breasts grow and change.

Maternity Wear Singapore: Looking Your Best while Your Body Changes

Shop for quality maternity wear here on iprice at affordable prices. Have a look at our array of Maternity Dresses and Maternity Pants so that you will keep on looking fashionable as you await the birth of your child. While you shop, have a look at our array of Baby Products as well to find awesome items that will be of great use to you when you welcome your child into the world.